90 Day Fiance viewers call out Shaeeda after she defends Bilal from the online backlash

Shaeeda Sween and Bilal Hazziez
Shaeeda Sween got called out by 90 Day Fiance viewers for her problematic defense of Bilal Hazziez. Pic credit: TLC

New 90 Day Fiance star Shaeeda Sween is facing backlash from viewers after she defended Bilal Hazziez in a social media statement.

Many people in the 90 Day audience felt her defense of Bilal’s perceived inflammatory behavior was problematic and they spoke out against her on Instagram.

Bilal has been widely criticized by 90 Day fans as being a gaslighter and a narcissist. In Shaeeda’s blanket message about how Bilal is being perceived, she took an approach where she blamed society for labeling Bilal these things because he is Muslim and Black.

90 Day viewers felt Shaeeda totally missed the mark on why they were upset with Bilal’s behavior.

Shaeeda Sween defended Bilal Hazziez against 90 Day Fiance criticism

In her Instagram statement, Shaeeda said, “For as long as I’ve known Bilal, he has been a very sweet, caring, sensitive, kindhearted soul who gives me whatever I want and I’ll do the same for him.”

She continued, “No he is not a NARCISSIST, no he is not controlling because he is Muslim. But because perception is reality, we’ve been conditioned to perceive a black man as scared, illiterate, dead beat, dependent and struggling.”

She finished by saying, “If that’s not what we see then yes he has to be a NARCISSIST, so let’s destroy him and humble him to remind him of what he has to be. STOP trying to DEFAME him with perceptions.”

90 Day Fiance fans took issue with Shaeeda Sween’s defense of Bilal Hazziez

In the comments section of Shaeeda’s reshared post, many 90 Day viewers took issue with Shaeeda’s sentiments.

One top comment read, “His actions speak louder than this statement.”


Yet another popular remark commented, “I’m not impressed with his statement or the two of them….period.”

Someone else asked, “Who exactly perceives a black Man this way? You said, “we are conditioned” are you speaking about your country? I know many successful black Men I wasn’t conditioned that way. That must be what you believe of him and other black men until you see different.”

There was a different viewer who pressed, “This is exactly what someone engaged to a narcissist WOULD say…”

Another take on the situation jabbed, “Jfc. Nobody was saying anything bad about him because he [is] a black man. They said it because of his actions. I get it she don’t want to lose him and his money but quit with the phony cries of bigotry.”

Instagram comments about Shaeeda Sween and Bilal Hazziez
Pic credit: @90dayfiancenow/Instagram

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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