90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Davison is still legally engaged to Ryan Carr despite splitting before the show even aired

ryan and stephanie
Ryan Carr and Stephanie Davidson are still reportedly legally tied to one another even though they split up almost one year ago. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Stephanie Davidson is still legally engaged to Ryan Carr despite splitting before the show even aired.

The reality star claims that she and Ryan are still together, on paper, even though they are no longer romantically linked to one another.

Stephanie spilled that the couple’s split occurred months before it happened on the TLC series.

She explained that the pandemic is the main reason the paperwork that linked them to one another is still pending.

“When I first became engaged … due to the coronavirus, everything was, you know, held back a little bit, but finally they sent approval that the embassy was open and that the expiration date for Ryan and I to have our interview would be the end of September of 2020,” she said to In Touch.

“I thought that was current, and come to find out, I then received something in the mail about a month later saying due to the coronavirus, we’ve moved it back even more,” she elaborated.

What’s next for the duo?

Ryan’s next interview was set for February of this year. This would have been the final step in the process and allowed him to fly to the United States from Belize.

However, things did not go as originally scheduled.

“I immediately called the field producer at Sharp Entertainment and said I just found out that the original document that I had been given is null and void,” Stephanie revealed to In Touch.

Ryan was reportedly scheduled to appear on the Bares All spinoff of 90 Day Fiance. For him to do that, TLC would need papers that said the couple was no longer engaged.

“It is illegal for them to pay someone who is an immigrant, unless the process is done,” Stephanie told the publication.

“So, even though I’m not on good terms with Sharp, I did do my due diligence. I figured they did their due diligence, and maybe they did,” she remarked.

Have Stephanie and Ryan spoken since their breakup?

Stephanie revealed that since their split, she and Ryan have not spoken to one another.

“I haven’t spoken to him at all. Maybe they did. And maybe he didn’t take the initiative to do what he needed to do. I have no way of knowing that,” she explained. 

Stephanie and Ryan were part of the cast of Season 8 of the TLC hit. She revealed they broke up almost two months before their scenes were actually filmed.

During the scenes they filmed in Belize in October, the couple were no longer romantically involved. She claimed the scenes that were filmed with her reported new love interest, Harris Flowers were “fake.”

Harris is Ryan’s cousin.

“I thought well, if Harris will fill in, I’ll try and stick it out,” she explained of the bait and switch. “So, as you saw on the show, I did call Harris and Harris came. He stayed with me, and they totally turned that around.”

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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