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90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Usman calls out Lisa for calling him the N-word at the Tell-All

Lisa Hamme on this season of Before the 90 Days
Lisa Hamme on this season of Before the 90 Days. Pic Credit: TLC

This season’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell-All was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. However, TLC came through for fans by filming a socially distanced version last week.

Rumor has it that the Tell-All was full of surprises. According to sources, Geoffrey and Varya didn’t participate, David’s mysterious Lana turned out to be real, and, most shockingly, Usman revealed that Baby Girl Lisa called him the N-word.

Lisa is already a fan least-favorite

Lisa Hamme, dubbed “Baby Girl Lisa” by her Nigerian fiancé Usman and “Baby Girl Visa” by snarky 90 Day fans, has been controversial from the get-go.

Lisa, 52, met Usman, a 31-year-old rapper who goes by the stage name “Sojaboy,” online.

The couple’s more than two-decade age gap was the least of the many reasons fans disliked them together. Lisa faced skepticism from her friends while Usman’s family, particularly his mother, also disapproved of the pair.

Usman’s mother even believed that Lisa might try to use Usman as a slave once he got to America.

Fans believed that Usman was in the relationship only for a green card; he admitted on the show that he isn’t particularly attracted to Lisa and made his desire to move to America for his music career clear.

Lisa was very controlling in the relationship; she closely monitored Usman’s social media accounts and frequently picked fights with him over interactions he had online.

Meanwhile, Usman believes men should be in control in a relationship and that women should quietly support their husbands.

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Usman and Lisa’s conflicting views on gender roles were just one of many cultural barriers that stood in the couple’s way.

Usman told US Weekly that he’d like additional wives beyond Lisa.

Lisa was shocked at Usman’s living conditions in Nigeria, and both seemed stubbornly stuck in their ways.

Lisa also sparked the ire of fans with her racist and homophobic behavior online — she was so outrageous that fans circulated a petition to get her kicked off the show.

The Tell-All reveals Lisa’s most abusive behavior yet

According to Usman, Lisa has a pattern of abusive behavior, including threatening to commit suicide if Usman didn’t go through with the marriage. Lisa denies that accusation, but fans have seen many other red flags on the show.

In a clip from the Tell-All leaked by 90 Day fan Instagram account 187anonymousgossip, Usman accuses Lisa of calling him the N-word.

“You call me n****r,” he says, “I don’t even get angry about that because I’m used to how you are behaving.”

Shockingly, Lisa doesn’t deny the accusation and instead blames Usman for her racist outburst. “That b**ch comes from me because of you,” she responded.

It’s a horrifying clip to watch, and viewers will likely be surprised to learn that the couple seems to still be together despite their awful relationship.

Whatever the case is, viewers can continue to watch the train wreck unfold throughout the rest of the season.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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  1. That is not a nice thing to say. Calling the man who you so desperately wants to get married the N word.
    That green card doesn’t worth that kind of disrespect. You are young man, find someone your equal.

  2. You never did anything to make yourself look attractive. He carried himself very well, nicely dressed ,good looking. You’re too old for him didn’t carry yourself well and did not have considerate to him . There was no way you deserved him ?☹️

  3. That old woman need to stop making a fool of herself on tv. Calling that boys mother mommy when she’s in her age group. African men want babies to bare their name and she clearly can’t do that

  4. usman get rid of lisa. you can do much better. some one your own age. not some one that is old and treats you terrible. she is not a nice person.

  5. Omg never ever have I wanted to comment so much on a shows relationship. Lisa is way too old for him and doesn’t even try to look younger and besides the noticeable age gap, she is a bitter controlling old hag that has only made herself look like an ass on national t.v. like how are you that b***hy and controlling? “I am an American” is not an excuse for your rude behavior. You treat him like a dog and lady you aint pretty enough to get away with such demanding behavior. Your a train wreck and I can’t stand how your so bossy in your smokers voice. Your voice makes my skin crawl and there is a rule about older women dating men young enough to be their child. Gross, just all the way around no way can there be love between them. And Baby Girl that video ain’t about you and wag to ruin a career hevwoykd have had in his country. Are you really that dumb??

  6. She is making a fool of herself. And she’s way to old for him. She to bossy and she’s recking his career He needs to tell her to go home!!!!! She is not attractive at all. He just wants to come to America. She so stupid she thinks he really loves her.

  7. I am so disgusted by Lisa’s behavior….the minute she touched down in Nigeria, she started complaining !! Who does she think she is ?! Usman is putting up with a lot with this witch….he can do so much better…he can get a green card with another woman…not this idiot who treats him like a dog. I am married to a Nigerian man and would never think of treating him like that !!! If she called him the “N” word, she is nothing but a racist fool !! You don’t call the one you supposedly love that word EVER !!!

  8. Lisa reminds me of Angela always wanting to be the boss and demeaning her man .Personally I find her disgusting !!!!!!


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