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90 Day Fiance fans circulate petition to remove Lisa Hamme from Before the 90 Days

Lisa Hamme 90 Day
Lisa Hamme is dating Usman Umar on the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Pic credit: TLC

A 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days fan created a petition to remove Lisa Hamme from the show and it has become a hot topic on social media.

A user going by the name Michelle Rogers created an extensive petition that she wrote to TLC, stating that she felt Lisa was “constantly cyber bullying, harrassing, private messaging fans of the show.[sic]”

Among the additional charges that Michelle levels against Lisa are that she has been racist, homophobic, and hateful in regard to a specific blogger, accusing Lisa of going as far as trying to dox the woman online.

In a video shared below, Lisa also puts out what she calls a “reward” and “bounty” for her followers to find out as much information about the person as possible.

The petition also references how the user — and also many other fans of the show on social media — feels that Lisa should not be using the n-word.

Here is a link to the current petition and below is a video where Lisa is shown issuing the “bounty” to her followers:

Does Lisa Hamme from 90 Day Fiance use the n-word?

A Twitter post below shows Lisa using her Instagram page to use the slur:

Someone recently asked Usman Umar about Lisa’s language in an online interview. One of the questions revolved around the use of the n-word, and rather than deny that Lisa uses it, Usman explained it away as her simply being angry.

As for an explanation from Lisa, below is a video where she states that she has used particular words because she was told to. That doesn’t seem to be an explanation that landed well with the person she is shown speaking with on social media.

Could Lisa Hamme be removed from Before the 90 Days?

It’s very unlikely that Lisa is going to be removed from the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Most of it has already been pre-taped and TLC is going to let viewers decide for themselves about Lisa Hamme.

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Eventually, viewers are going to find out how she feels about the ring that Usman bought her, and the topic of Usman having more than one wife will likely be addressed as well.

As for her language and how she speaks, Usman has addressed that quite frequently on the show, that Lisa is very quick to anger and often says things that frustrate viewers of the show.

Stay tuned, as there is likely to be more drama between Lisa and Usman on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days as well as more backlash from viewers online as they see more of her true self interacting with people.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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  1. I think she’s a person that lacks education and ethics how to correctly express herself. She wants to show she’s very sure of herself , having said that why would she go on the show with no preparation.
    Meaning she could of dropped a few pounds she going on national tv and she doesn’t care that her stomach looks like she’s pregnant, when we know that she well passed that stage. I mean everyone has a few extra pounds but your going with a guy that she looks like his mom and doesn’t care of her aperance that’s not security that’s careless.
    Not even getting into her attitude.

  2. What a loser. Her voice make a me sick!! Hopefully Ussm an or whatever his name is, will wake up before too late and realize how miserable she will make him. On top of being so ugly, far too old for him. that been card can’t be worth being with her.

  3. She is horrible. She treats that man like a piece of garbage. I don’t believe in any way shape or form that her attitude and over all demeanor are what the producers of this show were going for. She needs to go. She sucks. Just in general.

  4. I think. That is sad to hear about this but it is up to Lisa if she want him or not she need to ask someone like counsellor or someone else l feel Lisa can be risk l can’t say things l rather to keep quite I wish to contact her and explain to her l better to back off l have bad experience thru what happened was ….

  5. She doesnt know what it means to let the man be the provider and the higher power and just sit back and be a support of your husband she is so dumb

  6. The truth is she is 50 and the guy is in his 20 give your head a shake clearly this is not love you could be his mother. Same with the older men on this show dating younger women open your eyes. This is ridiculous

  7. I CANNOT stand her!!!!!!! She is a total control freak !!! I think Usman is just hanging in there long enough to get to the U.S., then she will be history !!

  8. I don’t like Lisa at all from day 1. She acts as if she owns Usman snd is very disrespectful to him. He puts up with it because he wants to come to America so badly but as his mother fears, she will get him here and make him her slave. She is only interested in having sex with him. Once he is in America and meets other women he will leave her. I won’t be watching episodes with lisa in them. I will never watch anything which allows her to use a word I don’t even use. She needs to be gone soon or she will cause the show to lose viewers.

  9. He just wants to go to America so bad. Silly boy. A man would never put up with such disrespect if he didn’t want something. I mean look at her. It’s obvious the man just wants a green card.

  10. If I were going to be on a reality TV show, I would get my rats-nest hairdo taken care of with some professional salon services (like conditioner!) and decent coloring. I would also get myself some new clothes and learn how to apply makeup properly. She looks just awful! Of course nothing can make up for her attitude.

  11. Lisa is a pathetically nasty person and has done nothing but ruin the show . My family no longer wants to watch it because of her . She is a racist and a very vulgar person . She makes the whole show look fake by her actions .

  12. I don’t watch the show regularly, but I believe I saw an episode with her. Is she the one who sounds like she’s smoked two packs a day for 30 years?

  13. Oh stop it she didn’t use the N word not in the way you are all making it the way she used it everyone of every race doit. Leave that lady alone I want to see how this thing works out it’s obvious she’s being played for dude to come to the USA she’s old he’s young and she’s his meal ticket I want to see how it plays out ❤️❤️

  14. The ugliest woman ever, she looks smelly, droopy boobs, ugly clothes, and on top of it, her voice sounds so old like 300 years old. She likes sex all the time, shame on you great, great, great grandma. Please behave, stop saying, I’m done, obviously your not, stupid!

  15. Bottom line here is that she is an American female. And sadly, a typically disgusting one at that. This show is a great reminder to all non-Americans, never, ever, ever, marry an American female. The current stock have been delusionally dumbed-down and raised to believe theyre entitled to selective equality and superiority, meaning they call the shots and get to pick and choose when women should be treated as such (i.e., when it comes to domestic/family related legal issues such as birth, child custody, child support, alimony etc., women are automatically in charge and make all of the decisions). Marry a NON-American and thank me later! Nuff said.


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