90 Day Fiance spoilers: Shaeeda wants Bilal’s children to call her mom

Shaeeda asks Bilal's two children to call her mom upon their initial meeting. Pic credit: TLC
Shaeeda asks Bilal’s two children to call her mom upon their initial meeting. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Shaeeda Sween has a tall order for Bilal Hazziez’s children.

Upon their initial meet and greet, she had a request for the children that was very unexpected. Cameras rolled as Shaeeda asked Bilal’s children to use a special name when addressing her.

Shaeeda asks Bilal’s kids to call her mom

In a sneak peek of 90 Day Fiance, fans get a front-row seat to Bilal’s children and Sheeda’s initial interaction with one another. 

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The family was in the basement, playing pool, and Shaeeda began asking the tough questions. 

Shaeeda prefaced the question by asking the children what name they call their mother’s boyfriend. 

Both kids answered that they call their mother’s boyfriend by his first name. 

Bilal’s daughter then asked Shaeeda what she would like for them to call her.

Shaeeda gave a nervous laugh, then responded, “maybe one day Umi.” 

Shaeeda Meets Bilal's Children | 90 Day Fiancé

Bilal’s daughter wanted to ensure that she understood Shaeeda’s request correctly, so she asked, “and Umi means mother, right?”

Shaeeda told her yes, and that it was just a sign of respect. 

In a brief interview with the camera crew, Bilal’s daughter said that she doesn’t really know how to feel about Shaeeda’s request to call her mom and that she will consider it. 

Shaeeda went on to say that in her culture when there is a bonus mom, it is common to refer to her as Umi as a sign of respect. 

Shaeeda expressed that she was disappointed because she felt like the kids were not going to be willing to call her that right away. 

Bilal is still giving Shaeeda the runaround about having more kids 

Bilal’s children asked Shaeeda if she wanted more kids, and she responded that she would want more kids eventually. 

Then, the kids asked when that would happen, and then she had to deflect and transition that question over to Bilal. 

Bilal gave his usual carefree attitude, gave her the runaround, and told the kids that it’s in Allah’s hand ultimately if they are going to have kids or not and that he and Shaeeda would have to discuss it more.

Shaeeda has expressed to Bilal that she genuinely wants kids, but he did not take it upon himself to express his lack of interest in having more children before they became engaged.

Hopefully, as time goes on, the two will be able to come to a joint decision on having more children, as their future as a couple may depend on it. 

90 Day Fiance air Sundays on TLC at 8/7c

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1 year ago

Why on earth should a child be forced by shame, as in if they don’t, they are being “disrespectful” to call a woman who was JUST introduced to them “mom?” I certainly hope that Bilal grows a set, and puts his foot down on that one. They have a mom, and this Shaeeda, should be called by her first name UNLESS AND UNTIL, they choose to call her by any other name, INCLUDING “mom.” This woman needs to RESPECT his children’s culture, not the other way around. When they get older, if this relationship even lasts, if they choose to, they have plenty of time to research her culture!