90 Day Fiance: Bilal responds after viewers question why he hasn’t invested in his childhood home

90 Day Fiance star Bilal Hazziez has a good reason for not fixing up his childhood home.
Bilal Hazziez opens up about his childhood home. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Bilal Hazziez recently showed off his childhood home, but it wasn’t well-received by fiance Shaeeda Sween.

Viewers had a lot to say about the place, and many wondered why Bilal hadn’t invested his money in fixing up the home he holds so dear.

While playing a cruel prank on Shaeeda, Bilal took her to the house, which she noted was dilapidated and needed work.

It caught the Trinidadian by surprise as she was expecting something more luxurious despite not knowing much at the time about Bilal’s financial standing.

Bilal’s attempt to test Shaeeda did not go over well, and he got offended by the comments she made about the house he grew up in. Eventually, he confessed to the prank and took her to his real home–a much nicer, larger place in a beautiful neighborhood.

Interestingly, Bilal’s career involves investing in real estate, so why hasn’t he invested in his childhood home?

Bilal explains why he hasn’t invested in his childhood home

The 90 Day Fiance star is a successful real estate investor, so he has the expertise needed to bring his childhood home to its former glory.

However, while responding to a viewer’s question, Bilal explained why he hasn’t invested in improving the property.

Bilal posted an Instagram video urging viewers to send him any questions they might have.

“I’ve been getting tons of questions from real estate, investing and of course 90 Day Fiance, etc. As a result, welcome to Mondays with Bilal where I’ll be answering a couple of questions weekly,” he wrote.

One person had an important question: “As a real-estate investor, why didn’t you invest in your childhood home?”

“It’s a question I answered quite a few times,” responded Bilal. “Short answer is my father was a 100% DIY person and did not want anyone to touch the house until he got around to it.”

Bilal insists his childhood home seen on 90 Day Fiance is livable

The 90 Day Fiance star continued to explain why he hasn’t done anything to improve his childhood home. Bilal noted that his father wanted to work on the house himself but never got around to it.

“He owned many different other homes he would work on so this one wasn’t a top priority,” he explained. “It was more for storage and he didn’t want to rent it out, etc.”

90 Day Fiance star Bilal Hazziez has a good reason for not fixing up his childhood home.
Pic credit: @bilalhazziez/Instagram

Furthermore, despite Shaeeda referring to the house as dilapidated, Bilal made it clear that the property only has minor issues.

“The home is very livable, what showed on the show is just peeling paint, roof, and [the] ceiling is not caving in,” he noted.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c.

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