90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Shaeeda hints at wanting to have kids with Bilal and says their relationship is a dream

90 Day Fiance Shaeeda pushes Bilal about having kids.
Shaeeda pushes Bilal to have kids. Pic credit: TLC

In a sneak peek clip of 90 Day Fiance, Shaeeda Sween conveys her desire to have kids with Bilal. 

Shaeeda openly admits her past pains to bond with Bilal and perhaps have him come around to the idea of having more kids. She admits that, in the past, she had given up on the idea of children but came back around.

Shaeeda suggests that she is now ready for kids

Shaeeda and Bilal take a romantic boat ride in the sneak peek clip feturing the picture-perfect date night. 

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The conversation initially began when Bilal asked Shaeeda how she was feeling and what she was thinking about, to which she responded, “just feeling overwhelmed and happy, and grateful.” 

Shaeeda continued to say that she had prayed for moments like that because she had been single for so long, thinking that she would never find love and that she would spend many nights being frustrated and tearful.

Bilal empathized with Shaeeda’s pain and mentioned that he, too, felt that way and had wanted to be married from such a young age. However, after things did not turn out as expected, he began to rethink marriage and reevaluate if it was indeed something that was for him.

Shaeeda Presses Bilal About Having Kids Together | 90 Day Fiancé

Bilal said, “Going through a divorce, I was left broken-hearted, the feeling of not being wanted, love feels like it’s just been running from me.” 

Shaeeda mentioned that at one point in time, she said that she did not want kids only because she had given up on everything, including love and family life. 

Shaeeda said, “When you meet the right person, that can change completely. I feel as if I’ve met the right person; I feel you are the right person for me one hundred percent.” 

Bilal responded, “That’s good to know.” 

After an awkward silence, Shaaeda finished her statement by saying, “I do want to have kids, you understand?” 

Bilal says their relationship is like a dream, but fans think its more of a nightmare

Bilal mentioned that he thinks their relationship is like a dream and that he could see himself with Shaeeda, but he is fearful for the future and what will happen if it ends. 

Although Bilal and Shaeeda think their relationship is like a dream, some fans believe it’s more of a nightmare and that Shaeeda should run while she can. 

One fan commented, “Girl, run. It ain’t worth it. Have kids with someone who matters. Not a jerk.” 

Fans urge Shaeeda to run.
Pic credit: 90DayFiance/YouTube

Some fans believe that Bilal is mentally and emotionally abusing Shaeeda. 

One fan commented, “Take notes: this is how someone psychologically and emotionally abuses you. They treat you like garbage, then they do overwhelmingly nice things here and there to “show you they care” while never once taking your feelings or wellbeing into consideration.”

“It’s all about them controlling you and mentally draining you into submission, especially when you’re desperate for love (which I feel Shaeeda is at this point- she’s tolerating a lot of things I wouldn’t see her tolerating if she was younger and not on a biological clock).” 

Some fans believe Shaeeda is being mentally drained by Bilal.
Pic credit: 90DayFiance/YouTube

Shaeeda’s tolerance level for Bilal’s actions is much higher than many. 

As the season progresses, it seems Shaeeda is still being poorly treated by Bilal, and only time will tell if she will ever leave. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c

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