90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk calls out Asuelu for sexism, his plans to visit Samoa amid outbreak

Kalani and Asuelu at the doctor. Pic Credit: TLC
Kalani and Asuelu at the doctor. Pic Credit: TLC

Although fans really liked Asuelu “boohole” Pulaa during his first season on 90 Day Fiance, the tide has turned against the Samoan native.

Asuelu was first featured on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance with his then-fiance Kalani Faagata. At the time, he and Kalani shared a son, Oliver, and the two have since welcomed a second child, Kennedy.

Kalani and Asuelu returned for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and fans were not as impressed with Asuelu’s antics the second time around.

In the latest episode, Asuelu dealt with homesickness, which is a prominent theme on Happily Ever After?. He wanted to visit his family in Samoa, which normally wouldn’t be an issue, but at the time, the country was dealing with a serious measles outbreak.

With two young children, one of whom was too young for the vaccination, Kalani was understandably concerned about taking the family to Samoa. But Asuelu was too homesick to care – and that didn’t sit well with fans.

Asuelu reveals his biases

On the latest episode of Happily Ever After?, Asuelu and Kalani took their two kids to the doctor to ask if it would be safe to take the youngsters to Samoa amid the outbreak. Oliver, the older child, had already been vaccinated, but Kennedy, who was only about five months old at the time, was younger than the normal age of vaccination.

The doctor told Kalani and Asuelu that Kennedy could be safely vaccinated early, meaning that a trip to Samoa would be theoretically possible, but left the ultimate decision up to the new parents.

Kalani, who wanted to err on the side of caution, felt it safer to wait until Kennedy reached the recommended age for the measles vaccination. Asuelu, however, had a different concern – he couldn’t tell whether the female doctor was actually a doctor.

“Is she a doctor or a nurse?” Asuelu asked Kalani.

“A doctor,” Kalani replied.

“I thought a doctor…” Asuelu began, “is a boy?”

Kalani quickly set him straight, but the damage was done.

Fans call Asuelu selfish

90 Day Fiance fans were not amused by Asuelu’s ignorance.

Aside from the obvious sexism that Asuelu expressed, fans took issue with him putting his own homesickness over his children’s health.

The doctor told Kalani and Asuelu that “if it can wait, I probably would wait,” but said that an early vaccination could be given to Kennedy safely. Asuelu seemed to have only heard the second part – which was what he wanted to hear.

Fans were disappointed in his attitude.

A fan chimes in on Twitter. Pic Credit: @Debbiesmole2 / Twitter
A fan chimes in on Twitter. Pic credit: @Debbiesmole2/Twitter

“If TLC offered a pay-per-view of [Kalani’s] Dad beating Asuelu’s ass, I’d buy it in a heartbeat,” one fan commented.

Some fans even thought that Kalani should leave Asuelu over his immature behavior.

Ultimately, that didn’t happen, but Kalani won the argument about the trip.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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