90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle explains Rio trip with Karine Martins and her family

90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle - Karine Martins
Paul Staehle and Karine Martins with their son Pierre. Pic credit: @pauljasonstaehle/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle is enjoying a fun time with Karine Martins and her family in Rio De Janeiro. The TLC star traveled with the whole clan amid the ongoing pandemic in Brazil.

But Paul pointed out that their trip isn’t merely for leisure. The father of two claimed there’s a good reason why they all took the getaway.

90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle and Karine Martins go to Rio De Janeiro

It looks like Paul Staehle and Karine Martins are in the mood for a mini-vacation with the whole family. The 90 Day Fiance cast member took to Instagram earlier and revealed they’re currently in Rio De Janeiro.

Paul was accompanied by Karine and his in-laws in what appeared to be a family trip. But it seems their getaway didn’t go exactly as planned. Karine shared a video with Paul, talking about the unexpected outcome of their trip.

In the clip, the 90 Day Fiance couple can be seen in the hotel room. Apparently, they couldn’t go out much because the place was put under temporary lockdown just when they arrived.

Paul said everything’s closed at least for a few days, leaving them with limited activities to do while they’re there. But Paul said there’s a far more important reason why they go there in the first place. Aside from having a good time, the reality star and his family are in Rio to take the first step to their journey to America.

Paul explains why they go there with the whole family

Apparently, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins, along with her family, are in the city for their upcoming trip to the United States. “We are all here because of an appointment with Visa Immigration Unit,” the 90 Day Fiance star said. “Emergency services appointment so we can travel to the U.S.”

Paul and his wife, Karine, have been teasing their Rio De Janeiro trip since last month. At the time, the couple did not specifically mention their supposed appointment with the immigration. So far, they have yet to reveal the results of their interview.

90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle
Paul Staehle and Karine Martins are preparing for their return to the U.S. Pic credit: @pauljasonstaehle/Instagram

90 Day Fiance couple traveling soon to America

Paul Staehle seems excited to go back to the U.S. after months of staying in Brazil. The 90 Day Fiance star relocated to Manaus last year as he tried to fix his marriage with Karine Martins.

A lot has happened with the couple during their stay in Brazil. Karine gave birth to their second son, Ethan. She also managed to finish high school and is now planning on enrolling at a cosmetology school.

Paul, on the other hand, seems to get along well with Karine’s family even more, so much so that he invited them to live with him and Karine in America. Previously, the 90 Day Fiance star revealed that he will bring along Karine’s family once they return to the U.S. They intend to stay there for three months.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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