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90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima’s feud with former friend Carmen gets ugly, Jess Caroline chimes in

Jess Caroline and Larissa Lima film for 90 Day Fiance
Jess Caroline slams Larissa Lima amid Larissa’s feud with ex-bestie Carmen Nys. Pic credit: TLC

The feud between 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima and Carmen Nys has only grown as Jess Caroline gets involved.

Jess has stepped in to defend her current friend and Larissa’s ex-friend, Carmen, by calling her out in a lengthy Instagram story rant.

Jess claimed she didn’t want to get involved with someone who has “serious mental issues” like Larissa.

“This woman needs a doctor, not internet attention,” Jess wrote.

However, she chose to share her side of the story because “the lies and accusations are out of control.”

Jess then accused Larissa of leaking 90 Day Fiance star Elizabeth Potthast’s nudes.

“Larissa sent me Elisabeth nudes and I tell her in Portuguese, ‘please do not do it, you would not like someone would do this to you,” she revealed.

She then went on to accuse Larissa of subscribing to 90 Day Fiance stars’ OnlyFans just to leak and insult their nudes. Jess also accused Larissa of fat-shaming these people.

She then threatened to take legal action against Larissa if she continues to attack people online.

“I am not going to be talking about this online or giving this freak more attention. Legal actions will be taken and for someone who has criminal records and is illegal in this country, she should watch out before to try to defame people,” she concluded.

Jess’s Instagram story was captured by fan account 90 Day Fiance Fanatic 2.

Screenshots of Jess Caroline's IG stories.
Pic credit: @90dayfiancefanatics2/Instagram

Larissa slams Jessica in response

In typical Larissa fashion, she came back at Jess. Larissa accused her of creating unnecessary drama and referenced how Caroline’s husband, Brian Hanvey, brought up her kids in his diss track.

“What I wish for jesik [Jess] is that she a be a woman and stop to involve KIDS in her high school online fights,” Larissa wrote in her own Instagram story.

Larissa then expressed that Jess is the unhappy one after their mutual ex, Colt Johnson, got engaged after dating her and implied that Jess’s apartment is dirty.

“IMAGINE you see your ex boyfriend (of one week) happy and married while you live with croackroachs in dump apartment of one bedroom cuz you had to rush to marry the first guy you could to dont be send back to brazil,” Larissa wrote in a separate slide.

She also accused Jess of lying about how she lost her au pair job and leaking Colt’s nudes.

Why Larissa and Carmen are feuding

Even though Larissa and Jess’s feud started first, after Jess reportedly stranded Larissa at her plastic surgery appointment, Larissa and Carmen’s feud is the root of these most recent problems.

The pair used to be best friends. Carmen gave Larissa a place to stay after her divorce from Colt. However, their friendship has gone south since.

Larissa called out Carmen after Carmen promoted Jess’s husband’s diss track. Larissa also called Carmen out for reportedly throwing out an important binder containing her immigration documents.

Screenshots of Larissa Lima's IG stories.
Pic credit: @90dayfiancefanatics2/Instagram

Carmen, however, has called Larissa’s claims “despicable lies and insane attention seeking antics.”

Screenshots of Carmine's IG stories.
Pic credit: @90dayfiancefanatics2/Instagram

It doesn’t seem like these three Brazilian beauties will be able to get past their differences and stop the drama any time soon.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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