90 Day Fiance: Juliana Custodio shares sonogram of her baby after recently shutting down cheating rumors

90 Day Fiance star Juliana Custodio shows sonogram of her baby after slamming cheating rumors.
Juliana Custodio shows off a sonogram of her baby. Pic credit: @JulianaCustodio/YouTube

90 Day Fiance alum Juliana Custodio is trying to enjoy her pregnancy despite the paternity being called into question. After shutting down cheating rumors recently being spread about her Juliana shared a sonogram of her baby with a telling message on social media.

Things are getting messy for the model who’s expecting her first child with boyfriend Ben Obscura after her split from husband Michael Jessen. The former couple announced their breakup last year and Juliana later confirmed her new relationship and pregnancy.

However, a recent report claimed that while the model was still living with Michael she cheated on him with his ex-wife Sarah’s husband Sean Naso. During the start of the pandemic, Sarah and Sean were living with the couple and that’s when the alleged affair happened.

An eyewitness claimed to have seen Sean and Juliana making out in their home back in September 2021.

Juliana Custodio shows off sonogram amid paternity drama

The 90 Day Fiance star spoke out after a source from In Touch claimed the paternity of Juliana’s baby was in question due to her alleged affair with Sean.

“It’s really sad that this family has nothing to use against me and they are using my baby and making these stories about me,” retorted Juliana. “I hope I never have to hear or see these people again.”

After shutting down the nasty rumor, Juliana–who says she knows with certainty that her baby is Ben’s–shared a sonogram of her baby on social media.

Julian posted a few 3D images of her baby in her Instagram Story and later posted them to her Highlights.

Along with the images, the 23-year-old shared her excitement at being a first-time mom. She also threw shade at the nasty rumors about her baby’s paternity in the post and sent a clear message to the naysayers by tagging boyfriend Ben.

“I still can’t believe God blessed me with such a gift,” wrote Juliana. “I’ll not let anyone hurt you, mention or use you as a way to hurt me. I’ll protect you with my life.”

She also tagged Ben and added, “Thank you baby for this gift.”

Juliana Custodio shares sonogram of baby amid paternity drama
Pic credit: @julianacustodiooo/Instagram

Juliana Custodio reveals possible baby name

The 90 Day Fiance star announced her pregnancy back in November of 2021 after confirming her split from Michael Jessen.

At the time, Juliana didn’t share how many months along she was in her pregnancy but we now know she’s 13 weeks pregnant.

So far she hasn’t revealed the sex of the baby but she did reveal a possible name if the baby turns out to be a girl.

90 Day Fiance star Juliana Custodio is 13 weeks pregnant
Pic credit: @julianacustodiooo/Instagram

“Celebrating 13 weeks, if [it] is a girl her name will be Luiza,” confessed Juliana.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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1 year ago

WOW, If that’s a rumor then it certainly is a very damaging one !..
I hate to say it but honestly I’m not surprised.