90 Day Fiance: Jovi apologized to his mom for not appreciating the baby gift she gave him for his birthday

Jovi and Gwen
Jovi apologized to his mom over social media for not appreciating the birthday gift she gave him at the time Pic credit: TLC

Jovi Dufren epically underappreciated the gift his mom Gwen got him for his birthday because it was actually something for baby Mylah once she arrived.

The baby carrier Jovi received has since become a big hit for Jovi and he apologized to his mom over Instagram for complaining about it.

Jovi’s reaction to the gift in an interview was, “My mom’s gift to me for my birthday is a thing to carry my baby, and like it’s not even for me, it’s for the baby, like what did my life turn into?”

The scene on 90 Day Fiance where Jovi received the gift was memorable because Jovi was hating on the gift so much.

He said, “This is f***ing gnarly. Look at this damn thing. You could have at least got me like a shirt, or something that fits. A baby can fit in a shirt, not this. If I wanna put my baby, I may just wanna carry the baby in my hands.” Gwen called him unappreciative and he threw the gift into the back seat.

When they got home he showed Yara the baby carrier and she thought it was cool and that would need it. He tried it on but was confused about where the baby was supposed to go.

Jovi’s apology to his mom was very cute

Jovi apologized to his mom for the complaining and fuss he made over the gift that he has actually come to love and use a lot.

He posted a mirror picture of himself wearing the baby carrier with Mylah in it to his Instagram story and he said, “Best gift ever. Sorry for complaining @gweneymard (crying face emojis).”

Gwen reposted Jovi’s apology to her own Instagram story, maybe as a way of putting him or blast or a form of saying “apology accepted.”

Gwen's IG repost of Jovi

Jovi seems to have a great relationship with Gwen who has been extremely supportive of him and Yara after she arrived in America.

Gwen will be a big part of Jovi, Yara, and Mylah’s life

Gwen has always been a big part of Jovi’s life and their strong relationship has continued into his married, and now parental, life. Gwen made it clear that she will always offer her advice when it comes to baby Mylah or anything she feels like she can help them with.

Gwen has been very popular with 90 Day Fiance fans and has been commended for being such a lovely and supportive mother-in-law to Yara.

There is no doubt that Gwen will continue to be a staple of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After this season.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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