90 Day Fiancé fans torn after Mike dumps Natalie on her wedding day

Natalie and Mike from 90 Day Fiance
Mike dumped Natalie on their wedding day and fans express their opinions. Pic credit: TLC

Viewers witnessed perhaps one of the most shocking events in 90 Day Fiance history when they found out that Mike dumped Natalie on their wedding day.

Supporters from both sides did not have a shortage of reactions to the surprising and brash situation. Many viewers believe that they are just not meant to be together and bring out toxic drama levels in each other.

Natalie was clearly scared, devastated, and traumatized while revealing that Mike called off the wedding. She packed up her things and was getting ready to fly back to Europe during the pandemic.

The 90 Day audience could only see pieces of Mike’s response from the trailer for next week, which has anxious fans highly anticipating the next episode.

There were some laughable posts

Mike and Natalie shared a nice loving dinner together where Mike even gave Natalie a lap dance. Things looked good for the couple going into their wedding day.

But that all changed when we heard the news of the breakup from Natalie. Viewers went crazy on the internet with opinions, frustrations, and memes.

The more lighthearted comments were making fun of how Natalie nagged him about his diet and drinking habits. One commenter said, “Mike chose beef and beer.”

IG post with comments
Fans tried to make small jokes amongst the turmoil. @90daywdfbitch/Instagram

Other followers have been lashing out about the fateful lap dance and are attacking Mike for his baggy jeans and lack of a butt.

IG Comment thread
Mike gave Natalie a lao dance that fans were disturbed by. Pic credit: @90daywdfbitch/Instagram

One Reddit user said, “I think y’all need a laugh.” This comment accompanied a funny post about Mike’s insensitivity.

With all the serious drama from this week, one fan felt like fans needed a laugh. Pic credit: @u/Sufficient-Arm853/Reddit

More critical comments from fans

There are rumors swirling around about Mike’s debt, and that the only reason he’s even doing this season is to help pay for it.

The majority of fans are angry over the way Mike chose to handle things, especially during the pandemic.

Other 90 Day Fiance fans admitted that they are not Team Natalie, but that they feel for the heartbreak she had to endure because of Mike’s actions.

Fans feel like he did this on purpose as a vindictive way of paying Natalie back for throwing the ring at him. They feel like it was a petty thing to do.

Speculation is swirling that they are already married

The show’s web-sleuthing followers have done some digging and believe that Natalie and Mike are already married. Furthermore, they think that her latest cooking posts have taken place near Seattle.

People are saying that they married in April 2020. It is unclear where this information originated, but many watchers are attaching themselves to this idea.

IG post with comments
Some fans are attached to the idea that Mike and Natalie are already married. Pic credit: @90daywdfbitch/Instagram

Since some viewers think that Natalie and Mike are already married, they think that this is all an act to fan the drama flames.

Either way, the entire ordeal has been upsetting for viewers and they hope that there can finally be some resolution and healing for them both.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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