90 Day Fiance fans are tired of Amira playing the victim

Amira Lollysa
90 Day Fiance fans feel like Amira plays the victim card for too many things after her relationship with Andrew is over. Pic credit: TLC

Amira often posts things on social media to garner fan sympathy and some fans are tired of it. They feel like she plays the victim too much and blames too much on her negative past relationship with Andrew Kenton.

Amira is very active on social media and frequently posts Q&A’s with her followers to her Instagram story. She prides herself on being interactive with fans and has amassed over 60k followers.

The post that got the most negative attention and had fans saying she plays the victim card too much was one where a follower asked about her diet during the day to which she replied, “Tbh I don’t eat much. I lost my appetite along the way of my relationship.”

Fans thought that her answer was over-dramatic and another one of her sentiments she uses to make followers feel bad for her.

Fans like she is being extra so she can get sympathy

Amira’s response to the question about what she eats throughout the day could be seen as over-the-top and unrealistic. Fans feel like it is a stretch for Amira to say she is not eating because her relationship with Andrew changed her appetite.

Ig post with comments about Amira Lollysa
Amira told her fans that she doesn’t eat because of her past relationship with Andrew. Pic credit: @90daysonblast/Instagram

Some of the sharp comments made about Amira’s sympathy garnering post were equivalent to eye-rolling, with one fan even saying, “Let me look for the world’s smallest violin and cry me a river.”

Another point made by fans was that she is always playing the victim. Another was surprised by her remarks because they thought she was in a relationship with Camel Ventura still.

Ig post with comments about Amira Lollysa
Fans give their opinion on Amria’s answer to a fan about her diet. Pic credit: @90daysonblast/Instagram

Amira will probably appear on a 90 Day Fiance spinoff

Amira was very poplar with 90 Day Fiance fans and will most likely be featured on one of the spinoffs.

If Amira’s hints towards a breakup between her and Camel have any truth to them, maybe viewers will catch her on the next season of The Single Life.

Amira still lives in France, but it is not unheard of for 90 Day Fiance to follow a cast member to a different country to film.

For now, fans can interact with her on social media and can order Cameos from her.

90 day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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