Amira Lollysa’s latest look is giving off major Kim Kardashian vibes

amira lollysa
Amira Lollysa appeared to give off major Kim Kardashian vibes in her latest photo upload. Pic credit: @amira_90day/Instagram

Former 90 Day Fiance star Amira Lollysa’s latest look is giving off major Kim Kardashian vibes.

The raven-haired beauty posted a photo to Instagram on May 6 where she rocked a look similar to that of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

In the photo, Amira wore what appeared to be a painted dress which clung to her every curve.

The formfitting garment sported long sleeves and a deep v-neckline.

Amira’s makeup copied the iconic full-lipped look and dramatic eyes of the reality television star.

Her hair, lighter in color than Kim’s, was fashioned in a way that the KUWTK has worn in the past. Parted on the side, it was fashioned into long waves with soft highlights that cascaded atop her shoulders and down her back.

Amira’s fans said she looked “gorgeous”

In the caption of the image, Amira used the descriptive hashtags 90 Day Fiance drama, French girl, big hips don’t care, spring dresses, hug my curves, Egyptian girl, exotic girl, hourglass body, and strong women.

Fans of the TLC star admired the photograph and the sultry image Amira projected in the snap.

“I just adore that dress. Beautiful,” wrote one fan.

“I love this dress, you look so gorgeous,” claimed a second follower.

amira lloysa
Fans of Amira Lloysa shared their remarks regarding her Kim Kardashian look on Instagram. Pic credit: @amira_90day/Instagram

“Beautiful,” commented a third Instagram user, who used red emoji hearts to accentuate their statement.

Amira is dating a new man, previously in a relationship with 90 Day Co-star Andrew Kenton

Amira Lollysa reportedly has a new boyfriend. She is dating Camel Ventura. During the 90 Day Fiance Tell-All special, Andrew Kenton hoped to meet Amira’s, new love. He shared he bore no ill-will toward her current flame.

“I’ve really got nothing against the dude, really,” said Andrew about Camel and added he was “very curious” to talk to Camel during the episode and hear his story since he heard “he’s a pretty good guy.”

Andrew added, “I’m sure he’s kinda just being played like I was in that way, and I feel for him if he is.”

However, Amira did not appear in person on the special. She appeared remotely, which frustrated Andrew. Amira also refused to speak on camera unless Andrew was not on stage.

“But that makes no sense,” he said to the production of the TLC series. “Because this is a tell-all and we’re talking about the story, and we’re going through the graveyard of it. And I think we kinda have to do that in the same room. Just don’t show me on the camera.”

But the producer explained that they still had to respect Amira’s wishes, which led to Andrew walking off the set.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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