90 Day Fiancé fans are losing it over Uncle Beau’s reaction to Natalie leaving

Mike's Uncle Beau from 90 Day Fiance
Fans liked how Uncle Beau reacted to Natalie’s exit. Pic credit: TLC

During this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, viewers saw the fallout of Mike and Natalie’s epic breakup on their wedding day.

Natalie left Mike’s property a tearful mess with Mike trying to apologize and talk to her more. Unfortunately, Natalie had to come back to the property after she left to get Mike’s credit card for her hotel stay, and another uncomfortable situation took place when Mike asked for the ring back.

Before the chaotic exit took place, viewers got to see Mike’s Uncle Beau helping Natalie with her bags and packing up Tamara, Mike’s neighbor’s car.

When Natalie went to say her goodbye’s, Uncle Beau gave her a hug and told her to keep in touch, to which Natalie replied, “I’m sorry. I will not keep in touch with you.”

Beau replied a little stunned by her comments and said, “Oh okay, well have a nice life then.”

Fans applauded Uncle Beau’s response to Natalie

Uncle Beau has a large fan base of supporters who did not like Natalie’s on-brand response to Uncle Beau’s civil gestures.

Fans had not seen Uncle Beau since episode 13, and before that episode 3 when Natalie and Mike had lunch with him and viewers were delighted that he was back on their screens.

There was some debate amongst fans about whether or not her harsh attitude toward Uncle Beau was a culture thing or not.

Fan comments from Instagram
One fan speculates that Natalie is being misunderstood because of her culture. Pic credit:

One 90 Day Fiancé fan joked about how Uncle Beau was all too happy to be helping Natalie with her luggage so she could leave.

Fans on Reddit loved this exchange between them so much that one person said it should be in 90 Day quotes hall of fame.

Uncle Beau has a place in the hearts on 90 day Fiancé fans. Pic credit: @stilletoz_n_bluntz

Natalie has been rude to Uncle Beau before

Upon meeting Uncle Beau, Natalie labeled him as a countryside guy with style. She was critical of his alcohol consumption and presence around Mike’s property.

She asked Mike to make him move out, to which he obliged. When they all had lunch together during episode 3, Natalie made sure to ask him where he lives and ask if he still lives with them to make sure he was off the property.

It was awkward and viewers at the time felt bad for him because he had to uproot his life because of her.

In a private interview after the lunch Natalie said she would not be inviting Beau back to the house.

On Uncle Beau’s 50th birthday, she turned on the charm and presented his cake to him, which some people construed as Natalie putting on a good face for Mike.

Natalie celebrated Uncle Beau’s birthday but some think she had hidden motives. Pic credit: TLC

Some fans came to Natalie’s defense to point out that the assumed rudeness of how she came across is merely a cultural difference and that Eastern Europeans are more blunt and honest than Americans.

Either way fans see it, this was a funny exchange to watch and fans have to wait and see if Beau moves back into the house after Natalie’s exit.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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