90 Day Fiancé fan finds throwback emo pictures of Deavan Clegg and the comments are wild

Deavan Clegg from 90 Day Fiance
Throwback photos of Deavan have surfaced and fans are losing it. Pic credit: TLC

A 90 Day Fiance fan on Reddit posted some photos of The Other Way’s Deavan Clegg from 2011 where she looked like an emo scene kid, and fans were losing it in the comments.

Deavan is already known for her emo style of makeup and hair that she sported on the show, so these pictures validated what fans thought she looked like back then.

Fans did have a lot to say about Deavan’s look and personality based on the photos, and the some of the comments were hilarious.

The photo from Reddit made its way onto Instagram as well, where followers made some wild comments too.

Fans weigh in on the old photos

One Reddit user shared a few of Deavan’s throwback photo’s with the caption, “Devan was the scene kid we all tried to be in 2011.”

Deavan Clegg throwback photo
Daven back in 2011 as a scene kid. Pic credit: @u/drunkmindsoberheart/Reddit

The other photos featured Deavan with various friends and family members with a teenage attitude coming through.

Deavan Clegg throwback photo
Daven in 2011 as a scene kid. Pic credit: @u/drunkmindsoberheart/Reddit
Deavan Clegg throwback photo
Deavan with an emo look from 2011. Pic credit: @u/drunkmindsoberheart/Reddit

What made this post really special were all the comments about Deavan’s look and character from people who watched her on 90 Day Fiance.

Some people in the thread attacked Deavan’s personality and worried about how her love of drama and attention would negatively affect her two children. One person mentioned that, “She hasn’t grown up at all.”

Reddit users commenting on throwback photos of Deavan Clegg from 90 day Fiance
Some Reddit users attacked Deavan’s character. Pic credit: @ohjessica/Reddit

Another commenter brought up the infamously emo ‘Warped Tour’ from the 2000s and described how annoying Deavan would have been then.

Reddit users commenting on throwback photos of Deavan Clegg from 90 day Fiance
Fans criticize Deavan’s personality. Pic credit: @vertigo95/Reddit

One fan unleashed and talked about how Deavan was the most hated person from 90 Day Fiancé while another said that she glowed down.

Reddit users commenting on throwback photos of Deavan Clegg from 90 day Fiance
Fans attacked Deavan on Reddit. Pic credit: @vaporwave3r/@Caseguyguy/Reddit

One of the pictures was also featured on Instagram, and received pointed comments as well.

Deavan has been causing drama after the show

After taking her and Jihoon Lee’s infant son, Tae-Yung, and leaving back to America without her husband, she was spotted with a new boyfriend shortly after.

She has caused a lot of controversy for taking part in a nasty legal battle over custody, divorce, slander, and child abuse.

Fans are furious about her treatment of Jihoon during the pandemic. She stole their child away to America, is making serious allegations against Jihoon, and parading her new boyfriend around.

Deavan has been getting a lot of hate and criticism online and has even received some death threats.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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