90 Day Fiance: Even hypnosis won’t separate Angela Deem from her cigarettes

Angela is hypnotized to quit smoking. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance veteran Angela Deem was caught smoking in New York City after she was hypnotized to quit in an episode of Happily Ever After?

Angela and Micheal may be castmates on this season of Happily Ever After? but her storyline has almost exclusively revolved around her weight loss journey and the myriad lifestyle changes she’s had to make.

Aside from changing her diet and exercise routine, Angela’s doctors and loved ones were most notably concerned about her smoking. After her doctor refused to perform her facelift while she was still actively smoking Angela was faced with two options to help her quit : acupuncture or hypnosis.

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After smoking for 40 years, quitting is a huge undertaking so she chose hypnotism because she doesn’t like the needles involved in acupuncture.

Angela went to Dr. Thomas Safrin to be hypnotized into smoking cessation, and when she came out of the hypnosis, she said she felt better than ever. It seemed hopeful she might really quit this time but a picture posted on Instagram suggests it didn’t really work

Angela is caught smoking in a selfie

The Instagram account @90DayHeadlines posted a picture of a dramatically thinner Angela, smiling with an NYC police officer with a cigarette, lighter, and pack in her hand. The officer looks like she may be a fan and Angela is all smiles as they snap the picture together.

This picture is from a trip to New York and is one of many showing Angela having a great time and enjoying herself while there for the filming of the reunion. As with most things Angela does, it sparked quite a bit of reaction from viewers of the show and Instagram users.

Angela’s fans are not happy with her choice to smoke again

Because Angela chose to show her weight loss surgery and recovery on a reality show, audiences have had some pretty strong reactions to how she has handled her health through the matter. However, the smoking has garnered the most blowback and fans are not holding back.

On Instagram user commented, “She is still smoking!!! She paid all that money for a new body and is killing it from the inside out. Ugh.” And while some comments seemed to come from a place of concern, others were just downright rude.

The comments about her smoking and surgery were just an entry point, as commenters started to go after her relationship with Micheal. One of the more harsh posts read, “Can she just GO AWAY already !??? There’s No longer a Relationship/ MARRIAGE between her & Michael so what’s the point ?? Do we really need to follow her surgeries & nights out ?? I’m wayyyy over her & her BS!!”

Angela and her husband Michael have been staples on the show since their appearance on Before the 90 Days in Season 2, so audiences feel like they know her pretty and well. This often emboldens fans and haters alike, to offer their opinions about her life, since she has made it so public. This may be why she is a fan favorite of the franchise, but it also why she is among the most controversial.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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