90 Day Fiance: Check out Biniyam Shibre’s amazing body transformation

Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Weinberg were on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
Biniyam Shibre shows off his incredible physical transformation Pic Credit: TLC

It’s common for cast members of 90 Day Fiance to go through a serious glow-up after their first season, but Biniyam Shibre took his to the next level.

After several months of working out, Biniyam is rocking a whole different body and intends to put it to use in an MMA ring.

Biniyanm recently shared a before and after photo on his Instagram, and the difference in his body is stunning fans and pretty much anyone else with eyes. Although his before picture is still super handsome, there is a sharp contrast to the hard body pictured in the before, and I don’t just mean the scowl on the before versus the dreamy expression in the after.

According to the caption, Biniyam has been working out for four hard months to get ready to get back in an MMA ring, and his new look is a means to get him there. Although he’s only fought one match in 2017 in the Revolution Combat Championships, those abs seem like they could take him places beyond the amateur circuit.

Check out Biniyam Shibre’s transformation

Also known to his music fans as “Baby Cool,” he fights in the featherweight division and has a 1-0-0 record. Although it’s been four years since he was last in the ring, Biniyam says he is ready to get back to it, and by the looks of those abs, he seems likes he’s almost there.

He posted the image to Instagram earlier in the week and fans are eating it up.

Under the image, he captioned, “This is my 4-month change. I’m ready to get back in the ring to fight. Thanks to @fit.nas_@teamfitnas for helping me, advising me, and being a great coach and friend for me.”

He followed the caption with a string of hashtags that suggest he might be gearing up to train for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or he at least aspires to one day.

Biniyam attributes his transformation, at least partially, to fitness coach Nahom Atakilti and Team FitNAS. I’m sure all those nights dancing and playing the bongos surely helped him reach his goals, or at least gave him some baseline athleticism.

Biniyam may have used his experience as a dancer to prepare him for this transformation

Back then, Ariela was upset to watch the steamy dances he did with his ex-girlfriend but it’s likely she isn’t complaining too much about his fighter body.

The unlikely duo is still together and Ariela posted a sweet tribute to him as recently as Father’s Day this year, so all those hours in the gym don’t seem to have hurt their relationship. Biniyam already tried his hand at being a pop star so we’re standing by to hear more about his burgeoning career as an amateur fighter.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.