90 Day Fiance: Brittany Banks shows off a new man amid fan’s suspicions

Brittany Banks
Brittany Banks has a new mystery man she calls “daddy.” Pic credit: @Thebossbrittany/Instagram

Brittany Banks was last seen on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way when the aspiring rapper thought it was smart to travel to Jordan to meet up with her long-distance lover, Yazan Abu Horirah. 

At the time, Brittany saw no issue with acting as she would in America, but Yazan and his family took issue with her Western style. Now, Brittany is back with a new boyfriend, @billionairemoonie.

He is an independent artist and musician. The creative mind also looks like he is trying to be the Sia since he hides his face in all of his photos. 

The two were caught on a date

Since living the single life, the 90 Day Fiance star has posted several photos of her new mystery man, only known as “daddy.” The TLC celebrity posted a photo of her out to dinner with the caption, “on a date kinda nervous.” 

Followers, who are really amateur sleuths, were quick to point out that her new man was not paying attention to her in the shot. He was stuck in his phone and looking entirely disinterested. 

Brittany claps back at fans

Brittany was not about to take these unkind words lying down and quickly posted a screenshot to all her haters. She shared what a fan had DM’d her saying, “Don’t worry, he’s more interested in his phone than in you.”

Pic credit:@ThebossBrittany/Instagram

The 90 Day Fiance talent revealed that it was all “perspective hunny.” It turns out her new man was in the middle of posting his photo on Instagram that read, “on a date kinda nervous.”

In the second photo, Brittany just laughed off all of the hate, insisting the trolls owed her new boyfriend a sincere apology, writing, “being mean for no reason. Now apologize to that young man.” 

Pic credit:@ThebossBrittany/Instagram

It was hard to miss that Brittany had given herself a makeover for the new date as she showed off her bang with a straight hairstyle. 

Yazan has moved on

Even though her toxic relationship didn’t work out with Yazan, for the most part, fans are proud that she is moving on and trying to find love again. 

Yazan recently shared that he had found love with a new American named Leena, and the two were newlyweds. The couple officially tied the knot after only a four-month engagement. 

Very little is known about Leena, except that she hails from Tennessee, is 21-years-old, and has roots in Jordan. 

So while Brittany refused to bend over backward to adapt to a foreign culture, it looks like Yazan may have been able to find his perfect wife after all. 

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus.

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