90 Day Fiance: Brittany Banks has a new boyfriend, called him ‘daddy’ on Father’s Day

Brittany Banks
Brittany Banks from The Single Life seems to have a new boyfriend after back and forth Instagram posts pointed to a relationship. Pic credit: TLC

It appears that The Single Life’s Brittany Banks is no longer single after she reposted a video on Father’s Day of a mystery man thanking her for setting up a food spread with the caption, “Thank you baby (heart emoji).”

Brittany responded in her repost, “Your welcome daddy (heart emoji).”

This interaction over Instagram stories caught the attention of 90 Day Fiance fans who believe this means Brittany is in a new relationship.

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Brittany Banks may no longer be single

The mysery man from her Instagram story is @billionairemoonie who touts himself as an “Independent Artist” and founder of Billionaire Travels Inc which only has one post on Instagram.

@billionairemoonie has over 30k followers and he obscures is face in most of his pictures.

The video he originally posted was a shot of a nice looking food spread laid out on an outside table with a few place settings. It was in this video that he said “Thank you baby @thebossbrittany.”

Brittany acknowledged her supposed new man by calling him “daddy” when she said “Your welcome.”

IG post from Brittany Banks
Brittany Banks reposted a video from a mystery man leading fans to believe she is now in a relationship. Pic credit: @thebossbrittany/Instagram

The same day @billionairemoonie also shared Brittany’s latest Instagram post to his own story which could be another sign that the two are together.

IG post from Brittany's new man
Brittany’s supposed new man reposted Brittany’s latest Instagram post. Pic credit: @billionairemoonie/Instagram

Brittany’s behavior in relationships came into question on The Single Life

Brittany was accused at the Tell All of keeping Terence, whom she dated on The Single Life, “in rotation” and Terence said that ghosting people is a part of Brittany’s personality.

Terence said Brittany would often block his number and block him on social media when she was upset, but then she would expect a lot from him when she would decide to unblock him. At the Tell All Terence said they were broken up because of the way she treated him.

Brittany was a no-show to the Tell All but spoke over the phone when Terence was finally able to get a hold her. Brittany has been harshly criticized by 90 Day Fiance viewers for her diva behavior.

Brittany also called out her ex-fiance Yazan on The Single Life for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with her that he vehemently denies.

90 Day: The Single Life is currently on hiatus.

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