1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy Slaton shares an update on her health and hints at a Season 4 release

Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb. Sisters shares and update on her weight loss and the show.
1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton talks about her weight loss and the status of the show. Pic credit: TLC

Tammy Slaton is back on social media after taking a short break from posting.

Earlier in the year, the 1000-Lb. Sisters star received backlash from critics online, who felt she spent too much time on social media, and not enough time focusing on her weight loss while in rehab. This led Tammy to limit her online presence for a while until she was ready to give an update on her journey.

After a 115 pound weight loss, the reality personality returned to social media to show off her results, and to share some news with her fans about her show.

Tammy says she’s still on track with her goals

Tammy recently posted a video on TikTok where she is speaking directly to viewers – something she hasn’t done much of before.

The video is a response to a comment from a fan asking Tammy for an update on her weight loss. Tammy replied by saying, “I would love to give you a weight loss update, but you will have to wait until Season 4 comes out, sorry.”

She continues by saying, “Just know that I’m staying on track, and everything is looking up.”

Tammy is still in the rehab facility which can be seen in the background of the video. In the finale of Season 3, she stated she was willing to stay in rehab for as long as it takes for her to reach her goals. Tammy is hoping to lose enough weight so that bariatric surgery can safely be performed.

In the past, Tammy had been criticized for not taking her health seriously and making excuses for not shedding the weight. It seems she is sticking to her word and staying in the facilities for as long as needed.

Is Season 4 officially happening?

Despite Tammy’s video, TLC has yet to make an official announcement on the status of 1000-Lb. Sisters. Season 3 ended in an emotional way as viewers watched Tammy be rushed to the hospital where she was placed in a medically induced coma, before she was able to safely be admitted into rehab.

Since the show has been on hiatus, Amy Slaton has announced her second pregnancy, and her thoughts on continuing to be a part of the show. She stated the filming schedule was becoming a lot for her to handle and she would want her hours reduced if she did another season.

The Slaton sisters’ older brother, Chris, who became a breakout star in Season 3, has been quiet about his thoughts of the show being renewed. However, fans may be eager to continue watching his weight loss journey as he works towards hitting his goal of 250 pounds.

With Tammy hinting that Season 4 may be happening, an announcement from the network is being anticipated now more than ever.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus.

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