1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy Slaton gives an update on her health, says ‘lungs are getting better’

1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton answers a fan's question about her health.
Tammy Slaton gives fans a rare update on her health. Pic credit: TLC

It’s been a rough journey for Tammy Slaton as she works to lose weight and improve her health.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star entered a rehab facility to help monitor her weight loss and ensure she gets the medical attention she needs.

Since being in rehab, she has mostly been quiet about any changes to her health. However, it seems like she’s finally ready to update fans on her progress.

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Tammy answers questions from fans about her health

It’s been a while since Tammy has been active on social media. After receiving so much hate from critics and having her accounts banned more than once, she took a break from being online. Now that she’s returned, she’s being more transparent than ever with her fans.

Tammy receives tons of questions about her journey from her followers. She recently decided to answer one on TikTok.

A follower asked her, “When does the trach come out?” Many fans may recall Tammy getting a trach inserted to help her breathe just before she entered rehab.

Tammy posted a video with her response. She said, “I, unfortunately, don’t know when exactly my trach is gonna be able to be removed.” She went on to say she “can’t wait” for it to be taken out but realizes it’s necessary at the moment.

She continued by sharing that having the trach in does hurt at times, specifically when she is coughing. Tammy said most of the time she doesn’t feel it and it doesn’t affect her eating, but she is still ready for it to be removed.

The trach was initially put in to assist with her breathing after she experienced lung failure and was put into a medically induced coma. In the video, Tammy says, “my lungs are getting better” and reveals she can now breathe on her own although it is hard at times. The trach will continue to support her until breathing is not an issue.

Tammy has not given up on herself

Referring again to her trach, she says it will probably be a while before it’s removed but she is embracing it just like she is embracing every part of her road to a healthier life. She says the tough times she’s experiencing is a good thing because it means she’s still alive and making progress.

As Tammy continued talking about the rough moments she’s going through, she remains optimistic and positive. She says, “I seem to overcome every obstacle that’s thrown at me.” She goes on to say she is amazed at her own strength at times.

Tammy has big plans for herself and says she’s still working towards her goals. She recently was approved for bariatric surgery, which she has been working towards for years. She is scheduled to travel to Atlanta for the procedure. She also hopes to have surgery on her knees to help improve her walking as she continues to lose weight.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus and streaming on Discovery+.

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Lt. Ripley
Lt. Ripley
1 year ago

I watch with fascination and horror at the sisters. I know as a woman that it’s so easy to put on weight but it’s obvious that Tammy has a mental problem. If you can get so big as her, it’s obviously not just greed it’s a genuine problem. Her sister is doing okay but still needs to lose some more weight for the sake of her child. I think anyone who sends hateful messages to someone like Tammy is mentally ill or just so full of hate for themselve the only way to release that hatred is by picking on someone who can’t fight back over the internet. COWARDS. Yeah I wonder how many of the people who criticise are ugly and fat and think because the’re only 20 stone overweight they’re somehow better. No you’re not you’re disgusting if you send anonymous messages to people who are obviously ill then you are a piece of sputum. What do you do in your spare time? Torture animals for a llaugh. Shame on you.

Ms Doe
Ms Doe
1 year ago

Very happy to read the updated good news on Tammy!
Stay strong and Healthy!