10 must-see looks worn by Jinger Duggar

Jinger Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jinger Duggar has plenty of must-see looks. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar has worn some great outfits over the last several years. 

She has always been fashion-forward, and since moving to California, she has branched out and shown the world her style. 

From that $300 blazer (yes! It made the list) to her massive sneaker collection, Jinger has shown off several looks that have made followers go wild. And, if it wasn’t her showing it off herself, it was Jeremy Vuolo showing the world his beautiful wife. 

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While Jinger’s fashion choices aren’t as daring as some of her sisters’ choices, they had followers talking a time or two. Various outfits have been featured, but only the best of the best can be shown. 

These are 10 must-see outfits worn by Jinger Duggar over the years. 

10. The infamous blazer 

After watching Jinger Duggar spend $300 on a blazer while shopping Rodeo drive with Jana Duggar, followers couldn’t wait to see when she would wear it. 

Pairing it with a long black dress while heavily pregnant was a fashion dream. Followers went nuts seeing Jinger wearing the item she purchased as the rest of her family made confessionals about it. 

Even while pregnant, Jinger managed to look adorable and dress in style. 

9. Jean jacket with a white dress with navy horizontal stripes

Seeing a jean jacket on Jinger Duggar isn’t a big thing, as it is a staple for the Counting On star. She has paired it with various outfits, but this one was the best. 

The white dress with navy horizontal stripes was the perfect look for her. Jinger paired it with her hair pulled back in a ponytail and threw a jean ballcap. 

On her feet were white kicks, which went perfectly with the casual outfit. 

This is easily one of Jinger Duggar’s best looks ever. 

8. Her wedding dress 

The wedding dress Jinger Duggar chose was stunning. She had long lace sleeves and a fitted bodice. 

She looked incredibly elegant and proper for her wedding. Jeremy Vuolo is a lucky man, and when followers saw her in that dress, that was the sentiment said ‘round the world. 

Her train was incredibly long, and the photos where it was laid all the way out were stunning. 

It was a one-time wear outfit, but it still makes the must-see list despite the longevity option being non-existent. 

7. White t-shirt and jean shorts 

Seeing Jinger Duggar in short jeans shorts was shocking. She has been known to wear pants and dresses on the shorter side, but actual jean shorts weren’t a thing under Jeremy Vuolo shared a photo of her wearing them. 

Jean shorts and a white t-shirt may seem like a simple choice, but given the way Jinger grew up, it certainly falls into the must-see outfit category for her. 

Something so simple can change the way someone looks and feels, and this is the perfect example. 

6. Damask black dress with red flowers 

Must-see doesn’t always mean in a good way. Jinger Duggar wore this dress to the surprise party Jeremy Vuolo threw for her. 

It wasn’t the best choice, and while it did look good on her, viewers weren’t fans of it either. It is a damask black background dress, with only hints of the black poking through behind the big red flowers all over it. 

The dress may be fashionable and a must-see, but it wasn’t one of the favorite fashion looks worn by Jinger on any occasion, but most especially during a date night (which turned into her surprise party) with her husband. 

5. Buffalo check dress

For the sake of Christmas pictures, Jinger Duggar wore a buffalo check dress. The pattern is synonymous with fall and the winter months, so it wasn’t shocking to see her wearing it. 

The dress matched Felicity, and the mommy and me set in the photos was adorable. Jinger paired it with what appears to be black leggings or jeans, which made it even that much more appealing. 

Seeing buffalo check on Jinger was a must-see for followers. 

4. Coral dress with bell sleeves 

During one of their date nights, Jinger Duggar wore a coral (based on the lighting in the photo) dress with bell sleeves. 

It is a style that was in several decades ago and yet, is making a comeback. It was a perfect fit for the occasion, and Jinger rocked that outfit and posed perfectly to display the fun sleeves. 

What she paired it with remains unclear, but whatever it was, it had to compliment the beautiful outfit.  The bell sleeves play off her fun side, and it shows.

3. Khaki button-down dress 

A khaki dress that buttons down the front is a must-see look on Jinger Duggar. She wore it for family photos when Jeremy Vuolo’s family came into town, and it was a perfect fit. 

She paired it with wedge sandals for a very casual yet dressy look. The hemline hit above the knee, making it one of the shorter dresses that she sported. 

This is one of Jinger’s must-see looks and one of the fan-favorite ones too. 

2. Royal blue sleeveless dress 

While enjoying some outside time, Jinger Duggar shared a photo of herself standing next to Jeremy Vuolo. She was wearing a stunning royal blue sleeveless dress, and it was the perfect fit for her. 

Paired with flat sandals, Jinger was a little more dressy but could easily have switched things up and moved to more casual in a heartbeat. 

Seeing her wear a sleeveless dress was new, and this was the perfect statement piece and the introduction to her fresh fashion taste. 

1. Yellow dress 

Nothing says “look at me” like a bright yellow dress. This was one of Jinger Duggar’s best looks, so naturally, it would be a part of her must-see compilation. 

The yellow dress was bright and noticeable immediately. It was reminiscent of the boho-chic style but still very modest. The arms came down to her elbow bend, and there was elastic around them. 

Even though she was just sitting in the car, it was one of the best looks for Jinger Duggar. Her style is impeccable, and this yellow dress suited her perfectly. 

Fashion is important to some people, and it would appear Jinger Duggar is one of them. Many of these looks have been worn more than once or pieced with other articles of clothing, which allows for more diversity and fun. She knows what she likes and what works for her, which is why she is the family fashionista and the go-to person for fashion advice.

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