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Here are ten 90 Day Fiance couples that we can’t believe are still together

10 90 Day Fiance couples that we can't believe are still together
These 90 Day Fiance couples proved viewers wrong and stayed together through it all. Pic credits: Olga Koshembitova/Instagram, Leida Margaretha/Instagram, TLC, Paola Mayfield/Instagram

Some 90 Day Fiance couples seem perfect for each other. Fans see their chemistry, their compatibility, their care.

Others make viewers laugh out loud (or feel legitimate concern) at the mere thought of a happily ever after between these people.

After all, relationships are hard and they can be even harder when those in one are living on different continents.

Not to mention their families, who often don’t mesh well or who cause infinite problems for the couple as they try to navigate all of the complexities of getting along despite huge culture differences.

And yet somehow, a few of these “how in the heck is this working?” couples are, indeed, making it work.

Pedro and Chantel

Chantel and Pedro on the set of their spinoff, The Family Chantel
Chantel and Pedro, despite a rocky relationship, are still fighting for their marriage. Pic credit: TLC

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett enjoyed a whirlwind tropical romance in the Dominican Republic. When Atlanta native Chantel married Pedro, the fairytale ended, and real life set in.

Serious bad blood between their families has plagued the couple ever since.

Chantel’s family frequently accuses the Jimenos of masterminding a green card scheme and using Chantel as a pawn.

Pedro’s family shoots back with accusations and grievances of their own. They feel that the Everetts never gave Pedro a fair shot, instead acting like the Jimenos should bend to their authority.

Despite every sign pointing to a doomed marriage, Pedro and Chantel are still going strong. They even have their own spinoff, The Family Chantel, where viewers can watch the never-ending drama unfold.

Justin and Evelyn

Justin and Evelyn from 90 Day Fiance in an early episode of the series
Justin and Evelyn, one of the early 90 Day couples, are still together after many years. Pic credit: TLC

One of the earlier 90 Day Fiance couples, we first met Justin and Evelyn back on Season 2. Unlike many 90 Day frontrunners, who seek out their loves on international dating apps, this pair first laid eyes on each other at a hot dog stand.

While their origin story sounds like it came straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, Evelyn quickly realized that everything wasn’t as it seemed.

As it turns out, Justin never told his family about his and Evelyn’s engagement. In fact, those closest to him knew nothing about her until she came to California to marry Justin.

To make matters worse, Justin appeared to be looking for a second mother in Evelyn. Upon arriving at his apartment, Justin wasted no time in showing Evelyn where to find the vacuum cleaner, ironing board, and pile of his dirty dishes.

Somehow, Evelyn helped Justin see past his antiquated views of the “proper wife” (his words). The couple is still together after all these years and even welcomed an adorable baby boy this past September.

Corey and Evelin

Corey and Evelin are still together, despite a strained relationship.
Corey and Evelin are still together, despite a strained relationship. Pic credit: Evelin Villegas

Corey and Evelin are, um, interesting. Fans have long suspected that Evelin is using Corey for his money, and their doubts aren’t without merit.

After spending time with Corey in Washington State, Evelin expressed a sincere desire to return to Ecuador–and strong feelings about Corey’s Mormon faith. In front of his family, she referred to Mormonism as “a cult.” That doesn’t sound like a good way to win over the in-laws, but what do we know?

If that alone wasn’t enough incompatibility, family man Corey wants to settle down and have kids. Evelin does not. Corey speaks his own mottled version of Spanish. Evelin is bilingual and resents Corey’s inability (unwillingness?) to learn her language. No matter how you look at it, Corey and Evelin’s relationship seems forced and disingenuous.

Their on-again-off-again relationship continues to see turbulent times. Most recently, Evelin caught Corey in a web of half-truths about his romp with another woman. And yet, the two are quarantining together in Ecuador and apparently are having a great time.

At least for now, this head-scratcher of a relationship is still technically a thing.

David and Annie

David and Annie from 90 Day Fiance share a laugh
90 Day Fiance’s David and Annie seem to be happier than ever. Pic credit: David Toborowsky/Instagram

David and Annie crossed paths in Thailand, Annie’s home country. David had recently suffered a stroke, and unbeknownst to Annie, was in the midst of some serious family and financial strife.

When we say “strife,” we mean it.

As it turns out, David’s friends were handling most of his affairs, he had an incredibly strained relationship with his children, and the lifestyle he promised Annie was nowhere close to what he could provide.

Annie would’ve been totally justified in walking away from David, but she chose to stay. And surprisingly, the couple’s happiness seems authentic.

They’ve stuck it out through life’s hardest moments, even braving anti-Asian sentiment during the coronavirus pandemic. If Annie and David continue to have each other’s backs like this, we have high hopes for their future together.

Russ and Paola

Russ and Paola from 90 Day Fiance with son Axel
Russ, Paola, and son Axel are still smiling after many trials and tribulations. Pic credit: Paola Mayfield/Instagram

90 Day Fiance viewers are split down the middle when it comes to pillar couple Russ and Pao. Some are #TeamRussandPao all day, and others want nothing more than to see this pair part ways for good.

Growing up amid cornstalks and wheat fields (pure speculation…we’re not 100% sure what they have in Oklahoma), Russ seemed an unlikely fit for go-getter Paola from an urban part of Colombia.

To Pao’s credit, she did try to make a life in Oklahoma. Cultural differences between her and Russ’s family combined with the slower pace of life ultimately drove her to move to Miami–alone.

For a while, it looked like Paola’s independence and modeling ambitions would put too much strain on the relationship. But Russ, ever dedicated to their marriage, eventually packed his bags to join Pao.

The couple still lives in southern Florida and are enjoying life with young son Axel.

Steven and Olga

Steven and Olga from 90 Day Fiance are happy, despite the odds
Steven and Olga surprise viewers with their commitment to each other and their family. Pic credit: Olga Koshembitova/Instagram

Perhaps one of the most shocking 90 Day Fiance success stories comes from Steven and Olga.

You might remember the pair’s truly appalling hospital scene, where Steven snapped at Olga for breastfeeding her new baby instead of getting dressed like he told her.

Their early days were rife with tension and conflict. Many viewers were legitimately worried for Olga and her son, especially after Steven confessed that he wanted to take their infant to America without her.

It’s been about two years, and we’re equally happy and surprised to say that Steven and Olga seem to be thriving. For Olga’s sake, we truly hope that their apparent peace is authentic and lasting.

Eric and Leida

Leida and Eric from 90 Day Fiance still together after family troubles
Leida and Eric found that, if you estrange yourself from your kids, you can have a happy marriage after all. Pic credit: Leida Margaretha/Instagram

In yet another example of misconstrued expectations (or false promises, depending on your perspective), Eric and Leida frequently faced off over money, parenting, and loyalty.

Leida took issue with Eric paying child support, arguing that that money belonged to the couple and not to his kids. At one point, Eric kicked his own daughter out of the house after a spat between her and Leida. Leida even went so far as to take out a restraining order on Eric’s daughter.

Sacrificing the father-daughter bond for a woman who seemed hell-bent on usurping Eric’s time and financial resources was controversial, even by 90 Day Fiance standards.

The couple decided to stay together, but we can’t imagine why. Your guess is as good as ours.

Mark and Nikki

Mark and Nikki from 90 Day Fiance share a cringey moment
Mark and Nikki share a cringy moment, of which there were many. Pic credit: TLC

Watching Mark and Nikki navigate their nearly-40-year age difference was interesting. Needless to say, Mark’s family and 90 Day fans alike had many, many questions about this odd pairing.

Mark’s own children expressed discomfort at his second attempt at marrying a young woman from the Philippines. Viewers voiced concern about footage that portrayed Mark’s treatment toward Nikki as controlling and full of criticism. (Bookshelf incident, anyone?)

Neither Mark nor Nikki have a strong social media presence, so recent pictures of the couple are hard to come by. However, they don’t appear to have filed for divorce, indicating that their marriage is still intact.

It’s safe to say that fans would feel better if they could see that Nikki’s life in America is indeed a happy one. Nikki, if you’re out there, feel free to check in.

Anna and Mursel

90 Day Fiance's Anna and Mursel recently went into business together
Anna and Mursel show off their beekeeping business–and happy marriage. Pic credit: Anna Mistanoglu Campisi/Instagram

After meeting on an online beekeepers’ group, Anna and Mursel had an instant connection. Despite not knowing each others’ languages, the two were determined to turn their friendship into a full-blown marriage.

When Mursel arrived in the United States, however, things hit the fan.

According to Mursel, Anna’s children from a previous relationship were taboo and had to kept hidden from his family. Anna, caught between her fiancé and the fruits of her womb, had to reconcile with what this meant to her kids (they weren’t pleased, obviously) and what Mursel meant to her.

Among skepticism and doubt, the two eventually tied the knot–and they did so with Mursel’s family’s blessing. Fortunately, it seems like the blended family is getting along well with all children fully known about and accounted for.

Blake and Jasmin

Blake and Jasmin from 90 Day Fiance pose for an Instagram photo
Blake and Jasmin bond over their selfie skills. Pic credit: Jasmine Lahtinen Abelard/Instagram

Let’s just go ahead and say it: this couple had zero on-screen chemistry. Maybe they got along better when the cameras weren’t rolling, but fans were given a front-row seat to two uncomfortably contradictory personalities.

Quieter Jasmin didn’t drink, she wasn’t the partying type. Blake, on the other hand, relished in the LA lifestyle, filled with friends, booze, and good times.

Rather than accept Jasmin’s calm demeanor, Blake insisted on inviting her out with his friends. His friends, in turn, questioned her sincerity.

To make Jasmin feel truly welcome, Blake’s mom refused to let the two of them stay in their home together. Instead, Blake was required to sleep at his brother’s house while Jasmin got to live with Blake’s parents.

This relationship was fifty shades of awkward, and it didn’t seem like the pair shared a mutual interest. According to their Instagram posts, however, they’re very much in love and enjoying married life. Here’s to exceeding expectations!

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