Quintessa Swindell on Euphoria: Everything you need to know about actor who plays Anna

Quintessa Swindell on Euphoria
Who is Quintessa Swindell from Euphoria? Pic credit: Netflix

HBO’s Euphoria continues to push the boundaries of what can be considered a teen drama with blunt, in-your-face depictions of high school. The material is such that it can make even the most secure parent have anxiety about throwing them in a high school jungle.

Last night’s episode was no different showing the current realism of depression and anxiety that affects teens in the current world. And nothing is more resonant than the emotional relationship of Rue and Jules.

Minor Spoilers ahead for last night’s episode: In the latest episode, the stakes between them became higher as Jules went out of town to visit an old friend named TC. While she was there, TC introduced her to a friend named Anna.  After a night of drugs and dancing, things became hot and heavy between Anna and Jules.

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The performer who played Anna is Quintessa Swindell. Even though the role was brief, Swindell left such an impact on the episode that many are probably wondering who this actress/actor is. Well, here is everything to know about Quintessa Swindell from Euphoria.

Euphoria 1x07 Promo "The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed" (HD) Zendaya

Who is Quintessa Swindell from Euphoria?

Quintessa Swindell is still a fresh face on the Hollywood scene with just a few credits so far in the industry. But Netflix audiences might know who Swindell is. Most recently they played Tabitha on the Netflix series Trinkets as a kleptomaniac.

Beyond this, Swindell has a very limited resume so far but the actor has two upcoming projects in film — one called Grenada Nights which is currently in post-production. That film is described as, “A self-discovery story set in Granada, Spain about an uncultured British tourist who struggles to mend his broken heart; with his new foreign friends he crashes into the heart of the international student scene.”

The other project called Voyagers has the potential to be more high profile and is headlined with a cast that includes Colin Farrell and Tye Sheridan. That film is said to be a sci-fi movie “set in the near future” that “chronicles the odyssey of 30 young men and women who are sent deep into space on a multi-generational mission in search of a new home.”

What many will find interesting about 22-year-old Swindell is that they identify as non-binary. This basically means that Swindell chooses not to conform to either category of sex and is often fluid in thinking with gender identity and often use the pronouns “they/them” rather than he or she.

Speaking to GLAAD, Swindell had this to say in regard to being a non-binary performer:

“I think it’s important to say that each and every queer and non-binary person is unique, and all of our experiences should be respected and celebrated in that same way. To be non-binary is to explore one’s self outside of the bounds of heteronormative society. Fighting for the underrepresented is both a duty and privilege at the same time. Being where I am today, nothing means more to me than being a voice for my chosen family.”

Speaking to the same site, Swindell also says a dream role would be to play civil rights activist Angela Davis, “If she would allow it.”

Those who enjoyed watching Swindell in last night’s episode of Euphoria will also be pleased to know that Anna will return for the season finale. So one should expect the repercussions of Jules and Anna’s intimacy to hit home with Rue this Sunday.

The Euphoria season finale will air this Sunday at 10/9c on HBO.

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