90 Day Fiance finale: Anfisa storms out after most awkward silence in TV history

If you missed the 90 Day Fiance season finale last night, prepare for one of the most awkward moments in the history of television. If you did see it, then you’ll know what we’re talking about but certainly won’t mind watching it over again — as this is cringeworthy TV at its best. Spoiler alert — we’re


Genise and Heavenly clash and Simone looks for her missing dad on Married to Medicine

On this episode of Married to Medicine – Genise and Heavenly clash at the party and Simone is searching for her missing dad. More trouble at a social event, this time Mariah’s rather ironically titled new-beginnings party where Genise and Heavenly start arguing. From bitch calling, to dissing one another’s appearance to saying they belong


Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge sees eight elite-level women compete for $10,000

Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge continues and this week the former pro-wrestler has invited eight elite female athletes to take part. Their task is take a shot at the new Skullbuster and see if they beat returning champ Cassidy’s time over the course. If you’ve never seen the show, the Skullbuster is Steve’s own personally designed

The Librarians clash with Egyptian God of Chaos Apep in Season 3 premiere

The Librarians are back for Season 3 and it’s chaos that rules in this premiere episode. In this first of the ten episode season, the team must battle with an ancient Egyptian God Chaos who is intent on setting pure evil loose on the Earth. The Librarians are tasked with unravelling a series of baffling

Project Grizzly: Can you teach a grizzly bear to fish?

This episode of Project Grizzly continues to follow the efforts of one man to prepare two grizzly bears for the wild. Jeff is keen to make Bob and Screech self-sufficient and plans to teach them how to fish. After all juicy fish are a great way for bears to put on weight before winter sets

Marta Dusseldorp returns with Season 4 of A Place to Call Home

The Australian period series A Place to Call Home has found a dedicated audience both at home and abroad thanks to its inventive multiple storylines, great writing and the presence of the gifted Marta Dusseldorp as the series lead. Set in the fifties, and shot with an eye to the natural beauty of the rustic


Dogs help Earl get sober in emotional Pit Bulls and Parolees

The latest Pit Bulls and Parolees is an emotional ride as we see star Earl Moffett come out of rehab and trying to get sober with the help of his canine friends. Earl has just spent 90 days in rehab and is now on the path to sobriety, but is taking it one day at


Kindred Spirits investigates a haunted house in New England

This week on Kindred Spirits, Amy and Adam investigate a haunted house in New England where terrifying voices have driven a woman from her house. The security system seems to have captured these mysterious voices and the owner clearly thinks they might be of paranormal origin. A previous owner did commit suicide and there is