Nikki Bella’s neck scan reveals her fate in Total Divas mid-season finale

Nikki Bella on Total Divas
Nikki Bella speaks on the phone in Total Divas

Is Nikki Bella’s neck really ready for the wrestling ring again?

The Bella sisters have dominated the overall arc of Total Divas and for good reason: Nikki Bella suffered an injury and subsequent surgery over a year ago.

Now this ebullient and energetic wife of John Cena and sister to Brie Bella is awaiting results to see if she’ll have a WWE wrestling career ever again.

Nikki’s surgery was held at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida, back in January 2016.

Her doctor, neurosurgeon Dr. Juan Urib, did a C6-C7 bone fusion and herniated disc repair which went behind her vertebrae, according to Nikki’s social media posts from last year.

The surgery creates an opening on the front of the neck as surgical steel plates and bolts strengthen the neck bones.

Now on Total Divas, Nikki gets her final CAT scan. Arriving at the hospital, Nicole is looking sharp and she is ready to see Dr. Uribe.

She says: “Today is the final scan to make sure everything is.. looks perfect.”

“Good. And get back to normalcy?” asks the nurse as she leads her into the CAT scan area for this final test.

Nikki says: “Yeah. Hopefully back to wrestling.”

In a separate interview, Nikki says: “I can’t believe it’s already my six-month appointment. I am just praying so hard that my final CAT scan clears me because I want to get drafted.”

The mid-season finale of Total Divas airs tonight at 9/8c on E!

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