Vivica A. Fox flips out at hunks for ‘awful’ Vivica’s Black Magic dance

Dancer Jonathan 'Heat' Martinez feels Vivica A. Fox's wrath after fudging the choreography
Dancer Jonathan ‘Heat’ Martinez feels Vivica A. Fox’s wrath after fudging the choreography

Vivica A. Fox totally flips out on Lifetime’s Vivica’s Black Magic this week — when she finds the dancers don’t know their moves after a week of rehearsals.

The guys have been practicing an Egyptian-themed routine but when they show it to Vivica they totally crumble and she is totally taken aback at how bad it is, describing it as “pretty f***ing awful”.

And she then hints that heads will start to roll if the guys don’t fully commit to rehearsing properly and pull their routines out the bag.

Vivica tells them: “I am so sick of excuses. This is bulls***. Absolutely bulls***. You don’t know any of the choreography.”

She then adds, fuming: “Monday through Friday your asses is mine. That’s all I ask you to do. If you were all on a professional basketball team what would happen? You would get your ass cut. Well that’s going to start happening now.”

The episode, titled Everyone’s Replaceable, sees the tension mount into a mutiny as Vivica struggles to keep the dancers under control.

Meanwhile Eurika Pratts accuses Kiana Rene of inappropriate behavior, new choreographer Jivanta Roberts has a run-in with the team.

Vivica’s Black Magic airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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