Sinking feeling at regatta and Caroline Stanbury gets bad news on Ladies of London

Caroline Stanbury on Ladies of London
Caroline Stanbury gets some worrying news about her father’s health on Ladies of London

This week on Ladies of London, the women attend a posh rowing event and Caroline Stanbury gets some bad news about her father.

A regatta can be the perfect place to do some catching up over a few drinks, mixed with the excitement of the races.

However, Adela decides this is a good time to confront Juliet about her negative attitude. Needless to say it does not go down well and the gloss is rubbed firmly off the occasion.

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Ahead of her move to Dubai, Caroline Stanbury’s mother has a chat with her about her father’s health. He’s had a pretty close shave and has undergone some surgery to have several stents placed in his arteries. These are designed to prevent heart attacks by keeping clogged arteries open.

Caroline Stanbury and her mom Elizabeth chat over tea
Caroline Stanbury and her mom Elizabeth chat over tea about her dad’s health

Caroline realises that she just assumed her parents were invincible, but now as they age they are becoming more fragile.

Also on this week’s episode, Caroline Fleming does some reconnecting and Marissa is increasingly concerned about her health.

Catch Ladies of London – You Regatta Be Kidding Meat 10PM on BRAVO.

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