Lagertha tested in Kattegat and Wessex braces for Ragnar’s sons on Vikings

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Lagertha is put to the test while all of Ragnar’s sons are away avenging their father

This week’s Vikings is a reckoning and a test. The penultimate episode means we will have only the finale after this and then must wait another year for our Vikings fix.

Bjorn’s partner Torvi is the first one to spy some out-of-towner misfits in the Kattegat village. She suspects something is amiss in town at the marketplace, and acts upon her instincts as Lagertha is drawn away from strategic places inside Kattegat amid confusion and a bloody skirmish.

Lagertha runs above to survey her position, and when she spies Egil making advances and breaching her defenses she realizes it too late, saying: “Astrid, we are in the wrong place!”

Watch the preview below which then flips over to where all the warriors and able-bodied men are, in the North of England.

The villagers make the sign of the cross as the Northmen descend on Wessex. On his ship, Bjorn looks like he’s ready to blood eagle the whole village.

More telling is how unraveled King Ecbert has become as he admonishes his oldest Aethelwulf to protect his kingdom. Somehow we get the feeling Ecbert may skate off while his son takes the beating as Wessex falls.

Vikings “On The Eve” airs tonight at 9pm ET/PT on History.

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