Tattoo Girls: Step inside the Midwest’s only all-female body art studio

Kelsey, owner and artist at Ink Ink, the studio featured on TLC's Tattoo Girls
Kelsey, owner and artist at Ink Ink, the studio featured on TLC’s Tattoo Girls

Step inside the Ink Ink body-art studio featured on TLC’s new reality series Tattoo Girls and you’ll notice something different — none of the artists and piercers are men!

Welcome to the world of the Midwest’s only all-female tattoo studio, with a staff of five female go-getters who like nothing more than to work hard and have fun.

Based in Brad Pitt’s hometown of Springfield, Missouri, the girls have known each other since they were teenagers and stand out because of their uniqueness.

That means they get customers coming in from far and wide. Shop manager and piercer Brittany says: “We are somewhere between the south and the mid-west so you’ve got your country boys and their big-old trucks, you got your bible belt people, and then you have us — the girls of Ink Ink!”

Owner Kelsey adds: “Ink Ink is only all-female tattoo shop in the mid-west. People travel from everywhere to come get tattooed by us.

“We get clients of all kinds. We get mothers and daughters, country boys, grandmas, farmers, punks…even the mayor.”

The Ink Ink staff is made up of owner Kelsey, who does tattoos along with fellow artists Nikki, Megan and newbie Liz. All the piercings are done by Brittany, who is also the shop manager.

Tattoo Girls airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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