The Curse of Oak Island: Why was President Roosevelt obsessed with the Money Pit?

FDR on Oak Island
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was part of the Old Gold Salvage group of 1909

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, Rick Lagina takes a trip to the Franklin D. Roosevelt library to find about more about the late president’s interest in Oak Island.

FDR first became interested in the Money Pit and other Oak Island stories through tales passed down through his family.

His grandfather Warren Delano, Jr. was a well known sailor and trader who financed some activity on Oak Island. He made his fortune as part of the largest American trading company in China, mainly dealing in silks, tea and opium.

Maria Antoinette jewels
Did the jewels of French queen Marie Antoinette make their way to Oak Island?

Around 1909 Roosevelt began to take a keen interest in activities on the island and he kept track of progress right through his time as president. The Oak Island Association and Old Gold Salvage group was a company that had been carrying out sporadic excavations at the site for decades, and FDR became associated with their work.

He even planned a visit in 1939 whilst he was visiting Halifax, though this was thwarted by bad weather and the rising tensions leading up to WWII. His interest continued until his death in 1945.

The library contains a wealth of information on the late president and Rick is hoping it might shed some more light on his fascination with this remote island.

The queen had many spectacular jewels
The queen had many spectacular jewels. Were they lost along with her head?

One document points to the jewels of King Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette being of interest to FDR.

The story goes that whilst the pair were trying to escape Paris during the French Revolution in 1791, she handed the jewels to a lady-in-waiting who later made her way to Canada, near to Campobello.

The couple’s escape was unsuccessful and Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were later tried and convicted, becoming yet more victims of madame guillotine.

Rick Lagina is almost smashed in the head by a loose chain
Rick Lagina is almost smashed in the head by a loose chain

Also on this episode of The Curse of Oak Island, safety is an issue as Rick almost gets hit by a large chain and some bones are discovered!

Last week we saw the team reinvestigate borehole 10-X.

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Two steps forward, one step back.

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