Outlander is heading to New York Comic-Con this year

Catriona Balfe as Claire Fraser and Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser appear in Starz's Outlander
Catriona Balfe as Claire Fraser and Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser appear in Outlander. Pic credit: Starz

Starz’s hit historical drama series is set to head to this year’s New York Comic-Con — which is exciting news for fans.

With the current global coronavirus pandemic easing in the US, there is a return to in-person events such as Comic-Con. Last year, a lot of these events were held virtually, but television fans look set to return to the real deal this year.

New York Comic-Con will be held in October

The New York Comic-Con event will run from October 7-10, 2021. While an official announcement has not yet been made on their website, Starz broke the news regarding Outlander’s inclusion via their official Twitter account.

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“You heard it here first: #Outlander is headed to @NY_Comic_Con! Tickets go on sale July 11,” the tweet read.

An image was also shared detailing the fact that Outlander would make their appearance on October 9.

As TV Insider points out, most of the activity regarding popular panels is usually held in the Javits Center. However, previously, the Outlander panel wound up at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden.

Unfortunately, there has been no news yet as to the location of the panel, so fans will just have to stay tuned until further news arrives.

Outlander guests have not yet been announced

While it is very exciting to know that Outlander will be making an appearance at this Comic-Con, as yet, information is scant.

This means that, unfortunately, it is not known which cast members will attend the event. As per usual, though, many fans are hoping Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Fraser, and Sam Heughan (Jaime Fraser, Claire’s husband) will be among the guest list.

In addition, the guest list on the event’s official website is also devoid of information yet.

Outlander will appear at Comic-Con ahead of Season 6

The New York Comic-Con will be held in October and Season 6 of Outlander is set to drop in 2022. This means that eager fans might be able to get a few delectable teases ahead of the new season.

Potentially, with an event such as this, networks like to save up new content to entertain fans.

This means that it seems likely that viewers will get to see a new trailer for Season 6 of Outlander. On top of that, there might also be an official announcement date made.

Sam Heughan recently teased that Season 6 of Outlander could drop in February 2022, which would mean that the NYCC would be an excellent time to drop further details.

However, until further official news drops, fans will have to continue to watch and wait regarding details for their fave historical drama series.

Season 6 of Outlander will premiere on the Starz network in 2022.

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Helen (MacLean) Campbell
Helen (MacLean) Campbell
2 years ago

Is there any available seats. And I was hoping for good seats