New American Horror Stories poster teases they may return to the Murder House

Poster for Season 1 of FX's American Horror Stories
Poster for Season 1 of American Horror Stories. Pic credit: FX

For many fans of American Horror Story, the first season — titled Murder House — was their ultimate favorite. Now a new poster for the spinoff anthology series, American Horror Stories, teases fans they may get a second look at the infamous house this season.

The original AHS series is an anthology series that covers a different theme and storyline each season. While independent of each other, there is plenty of crossover between each season that includes not only the storylines and characters but also having the same actors playing different characters throughout.

American Horror Stories will also be an anthology series, but each episode will be an independent story based on various “horror myths, legends, and lore,” according to the series creator, Ryan Murphy.

In addition to this, he also stated that “many of these episodes will feature AHS stars you know and love.”

At the time, he didn’t mention specifically that various storylines would be revisited. However, that seems to have been confirmed via the latest poster for the new series which premieres on July 15.

American Horror Stories poster revealed

FX recently shared the new poster for American Horror Stories to their official Twitter account.

The new poster shows an ominous landscape of red grass and dark, stormy clouds gathering over the house that featured in Season 1 of American Horror Story.

In the foreground of the image, a woman in a black latex suit looks up the hill toward the house.

In Murder House, a man in a black latex outfit featured and this new imagery could indicate that the legends associated with this character, who was dubbed Rubber Man in AHS: Murder House, could be explored further in American Horror Stories.

A new AHS trailer has also been released

FX also recently dropped a new trailer for American Horror Stories.

The short clip didn’t give a lot away. However, it did reveal plenty of imagery that gave a sense to the overall feel for the upcoming anthology series.

The clip started by showing a person with antlers as they stood in front of a huge bonfire.

An image of a woman floating was reminiscent of the poster for American Horror Story: Coven and a red snake slithering also reminded viewers of a previous poster for American Horror Story.

So, perhaps these were also hints that previous seasons of AHS would be covered in American Horror Stories. However, viewers will have to wait until the new show premieres in order to find out more.

American Horror Stories will debut on FX on Hulu from July 15.

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