Teaser released for American Horror Stories: Fear Takes New Form

Cropped promo poster for FX's American Horror Stories
Cropped promo poster for American Horror Stories. Pic credit: FX

American Horror Stories is the new anthology series for FX that will premiere on Hulu from July 15. The network has released a new teaser in order to drum up excitement for what looks to be a fearsomely bloody ride.

The series is created by Ryan Murphy and, if the trailer is anything to go by, will continue on with the stylized vibe of the original series, American Horror Story.

American Horror Stories is an anthology series

Like its predecessor, American Horror Stories will follow the same anthology format.

However, each episode will be a standalone story rather than containing a story arc that spans a whole season. This will give viewers a glimpse into some of the other stories that might not have enough content for an entire season.

As pointed out by Bloody Disgusting, Ryan Murphy intends for the new series to delve further into many different myths and legends.

“We are doing one hour stand alone episodes delving into horror myths, legends and lore,” Murphy revealed. “Many will feature AHS stars you know and love.”

The new American Horror Stories trailer has dropped

Th new teaser was shared via FX official Twitter page for American Horror Story.

While the clip doesn’t appear to contain much information, it certainly gives viewers a great look at what they can expect to see when the series drops next month.

The video opens with the image of a human-like creature with antlers standing in front of a roaring bonfire. The words “Fear Takes New Form” then appear in white lettering.

More images start flashing past after that, all using a red and black palette to unify them. A woman floating between trees, a red-patterned snake, and an eclipse are a few of the pics displayed before more words appear: “A Twisted New Anthology.”

All of the images then merge into stylized lettering for American Horror Stories and the teaser ends with a reminder of when the new series will premiere.

American Horror Story will premiere on August 25

Along with Stories dropping on July 15, Season 10 of American Horror Story is also slated to return on August 25.

The theme for the latest instalment is “Double Feature” and will tell two stories in one, according to Murphy.

While Double Feature doesn’t hint much at the actual storyline, the clip shared by Murphy does indicate a nautical theme as well, with one story being told at sea and the other half “by the sand.”

American Horror Stories will debut on FX on Hulu from July 15.

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Julien St Clair, ESQ
Julien St Clair, ESQ
2 years ago

After seeing the last 10 seasons of AHS and the vivid, Panoramic nightmares that I still have I’m sure that this new installment of AHS will be just as intense as the last 10 seasons. Fasten your seat belts kidz it’s going to be a nightmare roller coaster.