American Horror Stories will drop in July, AHS Season 10 soon after

Season 10 poster for FX's American Horror Story
Season 10 poster for American Horror Story. Pic credit: FX

News has just arrived for fans wondering when Season 10 of FX’s American Horror Story will arrive.

While the network has announced no concrete date, it looks set to drop this summer. In fact, Season 10’s last episode could air on Halloween.

This is a good indicator of when it could start. The season features ten episodes, so the potential premiere would be August 29.

This contradicts what AHS actor Angelica Ross recently disclosed, saying Season 10 would hit “next month.” That would imply American Horror Story would arrive in June.

Regardless, viewers get their first look at the spinoff series, American Horror Stories, which drops in July.

“Coming in July, exclusively for FX on Hulu is American Horror Stories, a spinoff of our long-running, award-winning hit series American Horror Story,” FX Networks chief John Landgraf revealed.

What is American Horror Stories?

American Horror Stories will include 16 episodes, according to Screen Rant. Each installment is a standalone episode, delving into a variety of different topics, some of which the series’ creator, Ryan Murphy, already hinted at.

If each episode drops weekly prior to Season 10 of AHS starting, there aren’t enough weeks for it to fill from today’s date.

This means either Stories would air concurrently to AHS or the date is off. Only time will tell which one.

However, with the confirmation that Stories will drop in July, it seems more likely the two series will run concurrently at some point.

Interesting to note is, if Stories premieres in the second week in July, the show would line up perfectly for AHS to start on October 31, or Halloween.

Season 10 theme for American Horror Story

The Season 10 theme for American Horror Story is “Double Feature.” Very little else is known about the actual storyline.

According to a teaser clip released by Ryan Murphy, this season tells “two horrifying stories” in the season.

Double Feature also appears to have a nautical theme running through it. One part will tell the story at sea, the other half “by the sand.”

Angelia Ross confirmed she would star in the first six episodes of Double Feature, having revealed to Entertainment Weekly she already read the scripts for those episodes.

Season 10 of American Horror Story will premiere later in 2021. American Horror Stories will drop in July.

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