Netflix’s The One: Who plays the sinful DNA researcher Rebecca Webb?

Promotional still from The One.
Hannah Ware plays Rebecca Webb in The One. Pic credit: Netflix

Fresh off of its premiere, The One has already climbed its way to the top. This new science-fiction drama is currently the third most trending program in the United States on Netflix, and it’s second in line once the list is limited to only include television shows (not movies). 

At the center of the series is the devilish and fashionable The One CEO Rebecca Webb. 

Who is Rebecca Webb? 

Rebecca Webb is a DNA researcher who, along with the help of her friend and few illegal schemes, devised a formula to match couples based on their genetic make-up. She compares the process to the way that animals connect with one another, based predominantly on pheromones— and thankfully, she and her friend know a lot about ant matchmaking. 

Told through flashbacks and a police investigation throughout the British series, it is revealed that Rebecca has made endless sacrifices to receive funding and investments to invest in her research, which has led her to become the ruthless business mogul she is. 

Comparatively, Rebecca Webb has Tony Stark’s charisma matched with Annalise Keating’s dangerousness. 

Who plays Rebecca Webb? 

Rebecca is played by the London-native actor Hannah Ware. Before starring in The One, she played Emma Kane in the STARZ crime drama Boss. She then went on to play Sara Hanley in the ABC drama series Betrayal and Sadie Hewitt in Hulu and Channel 4’s The First.

She also played the lead character, Diana Ellis, in the 2018 Netflix drama-thriller The Angel. 

The actor recently created an Instagram account and her two posts have been promoting The One. Both posts have been counting down the days until The One’s premiere, and as of now, she hasn’t made a post regarding the successful launch of the series. 

Hannah Ware has a younger sister who is a singer-songwriter and a writer, Jessie Ware. After the show’s premiere, fans flocked to the younger sister’s account to compare the two. Jessie Ware informed everybody that they were siblings. 

She wrote, “That’s my sister Hannah Ware!” and fans joked in response, asking if both sisters are musically talented.

Excitingly, the Netflix actor is quickly pulling handfuls of new fans. A fan of the new series praised her stand-out performance and tweeted, “Hannah Ware is absolutely killing it.”

This new Netflix drama has been wowing its audience, thanks to the brilliant performance by the show’s lead, Hannah Ware. The One also takes many creative liberties and offers cool shots and angles as it jumps through time to tell the origin story of this addictive matchmaking service. The series has eight, hour-long episodes. 

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The One is currently streaming on Netflix.

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2 years ago

I love the series The One, and Rebbeca Webb’s wardrobe is impressive. I absolutely love her overall villain vibe.