NCIS Season 19, Episode 12: Zane Holtz returns, Torres gets in a fight in the new episode

NCIS Season 19 Drama Episode 12
NCIS is back with a new episode called Fight or Flight. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS Season 19 continues on Monday night with a new episode called Fight or Flight.

From the looks of the TV promo that CBS is airing, Torres is about to get beaten up again.

On the latest episode of NCIS, Torres and Knight each got tortured to give up information on the rest of their team. Neither one gave up anything, showing how tough the characters are under pressure.

And now, it looks like Torres is going to have to prove that toughness again, as a new case is taking him into the world of cage fighting.

NCIS Season 19, Episode 12 synopsis

“When the body of a Navy lieutenant is discovered missing an eye, the NCIS investigation leads to the world of cage fighting,” reads the full synopsis for the January 24 episode of NCIS.

That’s not really an extensive synopsis, but the NCIS cast is going to see the return of Zane Holtz as NCIS Special Agent Dale Sawyer. The character appeared in the episode called Gut Punch from Season 18 when part of Gibbs’ team was tasked with working COVID compliance duty at a foreign affairs summit.

Below is a scene from that episode that features Agent Sawyer speaking with Dr. Jimmy Palmer.

NCIS TV promo for Fight or Flight

A quick TV promo for NCIS Season 19, Episode 12 is shared below. It appears that they are setting it up to look like Torres is a bit out of control, but it also appears like the episode is going to be working with Torres undercover as a cage fighter. Hopefully, he is up for the task.

Michael Weatherly rumors about a possible NCIS return

For any NCIS fans who haven’t seen it yet, Michael Weatherly just announced he has left Bull. That is the show that Weatherly has been working on since he left his role as NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

His departure from Bull immediately spurred some NCIS rumors about returning to the show that made him a star, but no announcement in that regard has been made yet. It could be a lot of fun to see him return to NCIS, but Weatherly hasn’t stated as much.

Something NCIS fans can definitely look forward to is a big crossover event between NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i taking place soon. It is going to be a two-hour event that blends the two shows and has two teams of NCIS agents trying to get to the bottom of a big case.

Before all of that happens, though, make sure to tune in on the night of January 24 to see a star from Hawaii Five-0 guest-starring on NCIS: Hawai’i.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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