NCIS: New Orleans spoilers: Character from Pride’s past returns to cast

Pride Engaged
Pride and Rita got engaged on NCIS: New Orleans in Season 7. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: New Orleans spoilers reveal a cast member is returning to the show to provide some fireworks.

As we reported recently, CBS has canceled NCIS: New Orleans. The show is going to finish out Season 7 and air its series finale in May.

Before the final bell rings on the show, though, the writers and producers have a few surprises left to reveal. And that looks to include some returning cast members from the past.

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There are already a lot of rumors about how NCIS: New Orleans could end, but we now have confirmation about one wrinkle that will take place.

Former NCIS: New Orleans cast member returns

A report from TVLine has revealed the exciting news about the NCIS spin-off. It may also require some re-watching of past episodes for viewers who may have forgotten the impact of this particular character during the first season of the show.

Actress Callie Thorne — she played Sasha Broussard in some dramatic Season 1 episodes — is going to be returning to the NCIS: NOLA cast. Not only that, but she is reportedly bringing a “bombshell” to the life of Special Agent Dwayne Pride. After he just got engaged on the show, this may be something that impacts his future relationship.

This is where a lot of rumors are going to pop up, including the premise that Rita Devereaux might have a link to Broussard that is going to come to light. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Last season, during the episode called A Changed Woman, Broussard was at first jailed, and then released when she aided Pride on a case. Now, she is a free woman who could return to her criminal ways and cross paths with the NCIS team again.

For fans wanting to re-watch her Season 1 episodes, she appeared in Baitfish, More Now, and How Much Pain Can You Take?.

NCIS: New Orleans running out of new episodes

The end of the line is coming for the NCIS spin-off and the series finale is getting far too close. The good news is that the producers, writers, and cast members know well in advance of the season finale that the show is coming to a close. That gives everyone time to send out the show on a high note.

There is also a new NCIS spin-off in the works that will be based in Hawaii. Maybe we could end up seeing some of the NCIS: NOLA cast reappear on that show as well, especially since it could give some added continuity to the universe at CBS.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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