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NCIS: New Orleans Season 7, Episode 12 brings back Pride’s nemesis

Pride And Wife NCIS
Pride has a lot left to get through before NCIS: New Orleans comes to an end. Pic credit: CBS

A new episode of NCIS: New Orleans airs on Sunday night, and it is going to feature a special guest star to the cast that long-time fans of the show will immediately recognize.

This is NCIS: New Orleans Season 7, Episode 12, and it is called Once Upon A Time. It will follow a new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles starting earlier in the evening.

The show’s final season is starting to wind down, with CBS already revealing that the NCIS: New Orleans series finale will air on Sunday, May 23. The news has been disappointing for fans of the show, as CBS decided not to bring it back for Season 8.

That date will come up very quickly, but at least we get some more new episodes before the NCIS: NOLA series finale debuts. And it also means that the writers can end the show on their own terms so that we won’t be left with unanswered questions or a big cliffhanger.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 7, Episode 12 synopsis

Below is the synopsis that CBS has released for the episode called Once Upon A Time. It doesn’t hold back that we are going to see the return of villain Sasha Broussard. Bringing back Callie Thorne to the NCIS: New Orleans cast was a good decision by the show.

“After a Molotov cocktail is hurled into Pride’s bar, evidence leads him to his old nemesis, Sasha Broussard, who has been keeping a secret that will affect his life forever. Tammy uses her profiling skills on Hannah and Carter with shocking accuracy.”

Once Upon A Time sneak peek clips

Ahead of the new episode that will debut on Sunday, April 4, CBS has released several sneak peeks. They are shared below and it gives a feel for how the episode will progress – all while not giving up too much about the central plot or the spoilers that will be revealed before the hour is up.

The end of NCIS: New Orleans

It’s definitely disappointing that the end of NCIS: New Orleans will take place this spring. It’s also a bit frustrating that CBS will follow up the new episode on April 4 with a rebroadcast episode on April 11. There are still a few new episodes of the show left to air in April and May before the series finale, though, so buckle up for some interesting stories that are left to tell.

Additional news from CBS reveals that they are working on a new NCIS spin-off based in Hawaii. That could debut this fall on the network.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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