NCIS: New Orleans recap: Pride reveals his secret, Mena returns to cast

Pride And His Mom NCIS NOLA
Joanna Cassidy returned to the NCIS: New Orleans cast as Mena Pride for one of the final episodes. Pic credit: CBS

This NCIS: New Orleans recap comes from the episode called Illusions. It jumped right into a chat between Pride and Sasha, with Pride asking to meet with her to discuss Connor (Sasha’s son).

It was on the last episode of NCIS: New Orleans that we learned about Connor also being Pride’s son. He had a past relationship with Sasha — before he put her in prison for her crimes — and she had a child that he knew nothing about.

An entire scene to open the new episode was focused on Pride, trying to show that Connor needed him to be in his life, while Sasha was adamant that he would never be allowed to fill the father role. It certainly set up some personal drama for later.

After the opening for the show ran, Pride arrived at the office to tell his NCIS team about Conner being his son. They were really caught off guard and doubtful until Pride let them know Loretta had already confirmed it through testing. He also stepped aside from the case but told his team that they needed to take down Sasha.

The FBI ended up pulling jurisdiction in the case, taking Sasha into custody because they felt she had information on the deadly bar bombing. The FBI left Connor with Pride, and despite Connor’s arguments and statements that he wasn’t going anywhere with Pride, he did.

NCIS: New Orleans recap for Illusions

Pride took the time to go see his mom, Mena Pride (Joanna Cassidy returned to the NCIS: NOLA cast). She was having rare moments of clarity and spoke lovingly about Rita. She also wanted to give Rita her jewelry for the wedding.

While Pride was excited that she was so clear, her doctor wasn’t quite as confident about what was taking place. She would later tell Pride his mother only had weeks to live.

Meanwhile, Carter and Tammy were on the search for a highly-trained military dog that had been stolen from his handler. The dog had a significant rank within the military and needed to be found quickly. It turned out the dog was stolen by criminals hoping to use her to find stolen drugs. NCIS saved the dog before the hour was up.

At the FBI offices, Sasha said she could point them in the right direction for the bomber, but not before she claimed that Pride was making a custody play and insinuated that the FBI could not trust him. She was later released and got Connor back.

As for the team, they went to see Beverly Watkins (played by Meg Gibson) because they thought she might know who Sasha would serve up as a patsy.

The patsy was tipped off that NCIS was coming after him, but he decided to help the team after they convinced him that Sasha had set him up. We will learn more about that in the next episode.

Pride’s brother Jimmy (Jason Alan Carvell) stopped by and spoke with Connor while Pride was out, and he made a lot of headway in showing that Pride wasn’t all bad. He wasn’t completely on board, but it led to Connor asking more questions of his mother. That happened right before Sasha got Connor back.

Regarding the wedding, after Rita met Mena, she wanted to move up the wedding so that Mena could be there for it. Plans were set in motion for the wedding to be within a week.

NCIS: New Orleans series finale airs soon

Only two new episodes of NCIS: New Orleans remain. That leaves just one more new episode before the NCIS: NOLA series finale airs later in May. The end is getting very near for the NCIS spin-off, and that becomes more clear with each scene that involves NCIS Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride.

Make sure to tune in next Sunday night for the penultimate episode of the series, with the May 16 episode focusing on Pride and Rita planning their wedding. Of course, there will be some drama that impacts all future plans.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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