NCIS: Los Angeles sneak peeks for season premiere released

Callen NCIS Face
Chris O’Donnell returns as Callen on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: Los Angeles released some sneak peeks for the season premiere, shedding some additional light on the first episode of Season 14.

The new episodes for NCIS: LA got delayed a bit this fall, but we are coming up on the October 9 premiere night for the long-running drama.

“The NCIS team searches for a suspect and their motive following the bombing of a large facility where military combat drones are assembled,” begins the synopsis for NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14, Episode 1.

“Also, Callen and Kilbride get troubling news about a body found in Syria on the 14th season premiere of the CBS Original series NCIS: LOS ANGELES,” continues the synopsis for the October 9 episode of NCIS: LA.

This seems like a somewhat familiar storyline, as the team was dealing with some rogue drones last season as well.

After getting to relax on the beach to wrap up Season 13, the team is back with some brand-new episodes and a mystery about where Hetty Lange has gone.

Sneak peeks for NCIS: LA Season 14

Below are some early sneak peek videos that CBS and the producers behind NCIS: LA have released in order to stir up some interest in the coming season.

In the first clip, we get to see new parents, Kensi and Deeks, dropping off their adopted daughter at school, appearing a bit stressed out about it.

Within this next clip, we see Callen and Admiral Kilbride in the office finding out about some possible bad news.

There are some definite spoilers within this clip and a specific direction for Callen, in particular.

And in our third sneak peek clip for the NCIS: LA season premiere, we get to see the team getting into some action as they investigate the primary case for the episode.

More details about NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14

The showrunners have released some key details about what’s to come this season. Here is a breakdown of those NCIS: LA spoilers, which, of course, include some new about the wedding on the horizon.

Ahead of the October 9 premiere, there is also a lot of time to go back and watch the final few episodes of NCIS: LA Season 13. That might be a good idea for any fans who are foggy on the details. All episodes are available for streaming on Paramount+.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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