NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13, Episode 3 promo and synopsis

Sam gets fired up during a new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. Pic credit: CBS

The new NCIS: Los Angeles episode is called Indentured, and CBS has released a TV promo and a synopsis for viewers to indulge in.

On the last episode of NCIS: LA, the team dealt with a case that could be solved within the hour. It was a huge departure from the season premiere, where we saw the return of Joelle and Zasha.

Now, we head into another new episode, and it has been heavily advertised that Sam Hanna and Admiral Kilbride are going to butt heads over how to handle an investigation.

For anyone hoping that Kilbride was going to be less ornery this season, it isn’t going to happen just yet.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13, Episode 3 synopsis

Below is the full synopsis that CBS released for the new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles that will air for the first time on Sunday, October 24. It is called Indentured, and it will air at 9/8c.

“Sam and Kilbride clash when a case involving an arms dealer responsible for the slaughter of ATF agents leads them to a well-connected colonel and friend of Kilbride, accused of supplying militia groups with guns. Also, Kensi and Fatima go undercover at a rehab facility to question the arms dealer’s girlfriend, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.”

NCIS: LA TV promo for Indentured

Below is the TV promo that CBS is currently running for the new episode of NCIS: LA.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 looks and feels different

Without Eric Beale and Nell Jones on this season, the show has felt a lot different. It was always enjoyable to see the banter between Nell and Eric and then equally interesting to see Nell running the operations for the team.

The best seasons were where Hetty was running everything and relying on Eric and Nell to work in tandem as the tech component of the NCIS: LA team. With none of the trio showing up in the second episode of Season 13, it forced the writers to heavily lean on other characters and situations to bring humor or charm to the show.

The show might need to add a new person to the team or bring back a familiar face who can provide some added excitement for NCIS: LA viewers. Otherwise, it seems like the show might fall into a rut with the current combination of players.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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A. M. McTee
A. M. McTee
1 year ago

Since I turned off the episode at about the 6-minute mark, I have no review to offer for S13, ep3.
Last week’s unrealistic episode had enough nauseating, preachy dialogue to last the entire season, but being loyal fans of Callen & crew from their beginnings, we hoped that show was a fluke.
Last night’s episode proved it was not – “NCIS, LA” scriptwriters have obviously carried their Lib-idiocy deep into the realm of incredulity, never to return. Holliewud’s depiction of the “threat” of radicalized, right-wing terrorists/extremists, (who are always white people, btw), is so minimal it probably only exists in the fever dreams of these millennial(?), Lefty-indoctrinated storytellers.
Hint: FALSE narratives don’t make for good viewing, from the news, OR entertainment. Stop insulting our intelligence…
The truth is, if all of us white, former military, Christian conservative, MAGA supporters were as dangerous to hewmun beans and other living things as portrayed on the tee vee, believe me, the world would know it! As it is, the only “threat” I can make and carry out is to delete the “NCIS, LA” timer from our DVR. Done.

Signed; Former Fan