NCIS cast features another team and special guest stars for new episode

Two NCIS teams are needed for the next big case as Gibbs is sidelined. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS cast has some notable names and characters appearing in the next new episode of the show. It’s going to be an intriguing night, especially since Gibbs has been suspended from the job.

The biggest part of the episode Gut Punch is that Mark Harmon’s wife is joining the NCIS cast. His wife’s name is Pam Dawber, and she is a long-time actress best-known for her time on Mork & Mindy.

Dawber’s character is named Marcie Warren, and she is “a seasoned investigative journalist who uses her savvy wit and down-to-earth people skills to aid in her tireless pursuit of truth.”

So, what is she investigating during this episode? That’s being kept under wraps for now.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Harmon and Dawber work together on screen, especially since it took so long for the married couple to star in an episode of NCIS together.

Her character will have an important story arc, but she isn’t the only notable name popping up on the NCIS cast sheet.

NCIS guest stars for Gut Punch episode

Among the other recognizable names on the NCIS cast list for Gut Punch is William Allen Young as U.S. Secretary of Defense Moses McClaine, Victoria Platt as NCIS Special Agent Veronica “Ronnie” Tyler, and Zane Holtz as NCIS Special Agent Dale Sawyer.

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama (NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres) previously revealed on social media that Zane Holtz was going to appear on the show.

They are friends from working together on From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

NCIS synopsis for Gut Punch

Below is the full synopsis that CBS released for NCIS Season 18, Episode 11. It will air for the first time on Tuesday, April 6, and it will have an important storyline that could take a few weeks to fully address.

“Vance assigns McGee, Torres and Bishop to COVID compliance duty at a foreign affairs summit, where they discover a link to another NCIS team’s murder case, on NCIS.”

In addition to all of the guest stars appearing in the episode, it was also directed by Rocky Carroll. He plays NCIS Director Leon Vance on the show.

Getting another NCIS team in the mix on the show could be fun to see, especially since it appears that McGee is going to be leading the team we know during the suspension of Gibbs.

Could this be foreshadowing how NCIS Season 19 could look if CBS decides to renew the show again?

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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