Monie looks stunning in wedding dress on Little Women: Atlanta special finale

A headshot of Monie in her wedding dress and veil
Monie in her wedding dress and veil in the finale of her Little Women: Monie Gets Married special

Little Women: Atlanta star Monie Cashette looks stunning in her wedding dress as she prepares to tie the knot with Morlin in tonight’s finale of her Monie Gets Married special.

The episode sees Monie’s big day finally arrive and she wows her Little Women co-stars when she finally walks out in her dress including a long train and veil.

One arm of the dress featured a floral and leaf pattern, and the outfit drew gasps from Ms Juicy, Minnie and Amanda and Andrea Salinas.

Monie in her wedding dress
Monie draws gasps as she shows her bridesmaids her wedding dress

Fans were also quick to praise her choice of gown.

She topped off the look with a set of dazzling earrings and green eyeshadow.

Meanwhile, Amanda, Andrea and Ms Juicy looked the part in their purple bridesmaids dresses.

During the episode, titled Wedding Bells and Farewells, things as usual don’t go smoothly as Monie prepares to tie the knot.

We see her inner bridezilla come out when her wedding cake fails to make an appearance, and while co-star Samantha Ortiz asks Minnie not to steal the spotlight, Minnie isn’t on the same page.

We also see Amanda ask Andrea to move back to Atlanta after the big day, but she has different plans.

Oh, and there’s also Monie’s fears over a “runaway groom”!

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

How come I’m not able to find that episode?