Monie looks stunning in wedding dress on Little Women: Atlanta special finale

Little Women: Atlanta star Monie Cashette looks stunning in her wedding dress as she prepares to tie the knot with Morlin in tonight’s finale of her Monie Gets Married special. The episode sees Monie’s big day finally arrive and she wows her Little Women co-stars when she finally walks out in her dress including a

Wedding plans in chaos for Monie on Little Women: Atlanta special

Monie’s plans for her wedding end up in chaos on this week’s episode of her Little Women: Atlanta Monie Gets Married special — after Morlin and his best man have an explosive showdown and her chosen venue falls flat. Temperatures between Morlin and his best man start to rise throughout the episode, titled Best Man

Little Women: Atlanta drama escalates as Monie gets married in four-episode special

The Little Women: Atlanta season might be over — but the drama’s only just beginning, with a frenetic four-episode wedding special showing Monie getting married starting next week. Tonight’s second part of the Season 3 reunion sees things between Minnie and Abira truly kick off as the pair have a full-on fight in the studio.

Monie proposes to Morlin on Little Women: Atlanta finale

Monie takes things into her own hands on the Little Women: Atlanta Season 3 finale when Morlin refuses to commit to a wedding — by proposing to HIM! Morlin has been shy of committing after previously calling off their big day and with the whole Monie-losing-her-engagement ring debacle. Now Monie knows she needs to take drastic