Monie proposes to Morlin on Little Women: Atlanta finale

Monie proposing
Monie asks Morlin if he’ll marry her on the Little Women: Atlanta finale

Monie takes things into her own hands on the Little Women: Atlanta Season 3 finale when Morlin refuses to commit to a wedding — by proposing to HIM!

Morlin has been shy of committing after previously calling off their big day and with the whole Monie-losing-her-engagement ring debacle.

Now Monie knows she needs to take drastic action if she wants to keep the love of her life.

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Watch the footage below as Tanya tells her: “Maybe, you can propose to him.”

She then gets Morlin, with some of the other ladies present, and says to him: “I’m just going to ask you, will you marry me?”

But what will he say?

Also in the Little Women: LA finale, Andrea Salinas leaves sister Andrea stunned when she tells her she wants to move back to Texas.

That would mean an end to their Tiny Twins brand and their future potential together as a marketable pairing.

Meanwhile, when Tanya tries to bring Nico and DeVon together, things end in total disaster.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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