Was Little Women: Atlanta star Monie Cashette’s wedding just for show? Morlin Ragland’s family calls it fake!

Monie Cashette in a wedding dress
Little Women: Atlanta’s Monie Cashette during her Monie Gets Married special

On the epic four-part Little Women spin-off Little Women: Atlanta Monie Gets Married, viewers were given the VIP pass to attend all things wedding related.

From the fittings, to the co-ed bachelor-bachelorette parties, and finally the beautiful ceremony — Monie and Morlin got through it all.

Now that the special has aired and the dust has settled, more drama is brewing off-camera.

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According to a Facebook post from one of Morlin Ragland’s family members, the entire wedding was fake and the truck driver didn’t really marry Monie Cashette.

The person, who claims to be a cousin of Morlin, stated: “I guess I got a new niece but I’m not sure cause Morlin Ragland ain’t called to tell me yet lol!”

The shady post garnered the attention of a few fans and none other than Monie herself who decided to take to social media to address the rumors.


Well, since marriage records are public, we’ve looked it up and the two are legally bound by law as husband and wife.

There must be some bad blood between Monie, whose real name is Tiffany Becton, and Morlin’s family.

It wouldn’t be hard to believe since the stars got into a huge confrontation with Morlin’s ex-best friend who ended up being kicked out of his position as best man.

Monie already has drama with her son’s father that will most likely carry on to the new season, but now there may be more trouble including Morlin’s family that may play out on screen.

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