Love After Lockup pay: What do the cast members make per episode?

Clint and Tracie on Love After Lockup
Clint spent a lot of money on Tracie within days but will he make it back while filming Love After Lockup? Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup has garnered plenty of attention over the last several weeks. Season 2 of the show has people tuning in and watching the chaos that each of the couples provides. With the announcement of an extended season, viewers are hopeful that more drama is coming.

The biggest question about the Love After Lockup cast is how much they get paid for their participation. They are signing a contract and filming several hours a day, so it only makes sense that curiosity would peak among viewers.

Who gets paid on Love After Lockup?

Right now, it looks like the person who was not locked up is the only one getting paid for the participation. The reasoning behind it isn’t exactly clear but some assume that it has to do with Son of Sam laws.

In certain cases, people are barred from profiting off their crime, which in this case, would be why they are in prison and in a relationship.

Of course, there has been some back and forth about whether this is actually true.

Lizzie has admitted on Instagram that she is not paid for doing the show, which means that Scott was the one earning a paycheck. It is also unclear if the family members who have appeared on Love After Lockup also get paid or if they are just there for support.
Screenshot of Lizzie's Instagram, where she confirms she is not paid for Love After Lockup
Lizzie confirms she is not paid for Love After Lockup. Pic credit: @lizzieloveafterlockup/Instagram

How much does Love After Lockup pay?

It looks like Love After Lockup cast members make $2,000 per episode. When you factor in all of the hours of filming, putting themselves out there for the world to judge, and the stress on outside relationships, it may be asking whether or not the effort is worth it.

There also seems to be bonuses for participating in other things like specials and appearances for promoting the show.

After Season 1 ended and before Season 2 began, Love After Lockup shared where the couples were in the present day and those who participated were compensated.

If the $2,000 figure is correct, the cast members getting paid would have made $28,000 for the initial commitment of 14 episodes but only if they appear in every single episode.

Of course, they would be double paying for the story on Michael, Sarah, and Megan since Michael was the one locked up but both Sarah and Megan have been appearing on the show.

Angela and Tony have yet to appear on this season and the upcoming episode is already number nine. If they are only paid for the episodes where they appear, that means this couple hasn’t even netted a check yet.

As the show gets bigger, the pay may increase. The extended season is supposed to include new couples and that should be interesting.

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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Tiffany M
Tiffany M
1 year ago

Do you know if people such as Lindsay’s mom, Sean’s ex gf, Tia, deontes friend, John’s friends that married him and kristiana, kristianas mom and sister?

Do they get paid too?